Industrial cart wheels available with a double flanged configuration

Many industrial and factory applications require double flanged wheels for carts, cranes, and other material transfer vehicles. Double flanged wheels ensure the best in safety—especially where tracks may show inconsistencies from wear, or where obstructing debris may be common. These steel cart wheels are trusted to keep industrial vehicles on track, while providing safe support for long-term use. Read more

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R-3561 Double Flanged Wheel

USD $203.00


$203 or less

Material: Cast Steel ASTM A915, Grade SC1040
Flange Diameter: 9-1/4"
Tread Diameter: 8"
Safe Working Load: 10,500 lbs

R-3562 Double Flanged Wheel

USD $204.00


$204 or less

Material: Cast Steel ASTM A915, Grade SC1040
Flange Diameter: 9-1/4"
Tread Diameter: 8"
Safe Working Load: 10,500 lbs

R-3562-M Machined Steel Wheel

USD $215.00


$215 or less

Material: 1040 steel
Flange Diameter: 9"
Tread Diameter: 8"
Safe Working Load: 10,500 lbs

Industrial Lumber Kilns

Reliance Foundry’s double flanged wheels were initially designed for use in commercial wood-drying kilns to withstand regular, high-capacity loading. Metal cart wheels are designed to keep transfer carts, or other vehicle apparatuses, on track—even in less-than-ideal track conditions. They can be used for a range of industrial rail applications and can be customized to meet specific requests.

High Quality Cast Steel

Double flanged wheels are made from high-quality cast steel. Steel is an exceptionally strong and long-lasting material. Unlike iron, which is brittle in nature, steel has a much lower risk for fracture and a much longer operational life with minimal maintenance and repair. Casting also offers exceptional control over product design to ensure minimal material waste—offering the best value in performance and manufacturing. All Reliance Foundry flanged wheels are designed and manufactured to meet specific performance requirements, and are inspected throughout production to ensure the highest quality.

Custom Services

Double flanged wheels are manufactured with a standard rough machine finish but can be customized with additional features and machining:

  • Boring
  • Bushings (purchase and installation)
  • Hardening
  • Machine finishing
  • Tread profiling

Don’t see what you’re looking for in our standard, in-stock products? Reliance Foundry will design and manufacture custom steel cart wheels for specific applications. Full customization services include consultation, design, prototyping, manufacturing, and shipment.