Protect steel pipe bollards with durable, visible plastic post covers

Looking for a robust bollard sleeve that offers a clean look without breaking the bank? Bollard covers made of HDPE or LDPE plastic offer corrosion protection to the bollard and paint-transfer protection to drivers. Both types are light and simple to install. They are available in a variety of colors to complement your site plan. Read more

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R-7150 Plastic Bollard Cover

USD $92.00


$92 or less

Post Cover
Material: Plastic
Height: 55"
Max Interior Pipe Diameter: 6-1/2"

R-7111 Plastic Bollard Cover

USD $52.00


$52 or less

Post Cover
Material: Plastic
Height: 72"
Max Interior Pipe Diameter: 6-5/8"

R-7110 Plastic Bollard Cover

USD $47.00


$47 or less

Post Cover
Material: Plastic
Height: 60"
Max Interior Pipe Diameter: 6-5/8"

R-7109 Plastic Bollard Cover

USD $46.00


$46 or less

Post Cover
Material: Plastic
Height: 52"
Max Interior Pipe Diameter: 6-5/8"

Attractive Plastic Bollard Covers?

Plastic can be decorative! Choose from standard columns or alternative designs to complement site aesthetic. Square covers feature a clean pyramid cap and are made of standard HDPE plastics. Or select shapes that echo classical iron bollard profiles. Flexible LDPE polyethylene creates fluted columns, lighthouses, cannon bollards, and bollards with rings. Pick from a rainbow of colors, plus gray, white, brown, or classic black bollards, to match brand aesthetic. Reflective strips can be added to increase visibility in low-light and adverse weather conditions. Bollard sleeves can be trimmed to match any height or surface gradient. Reliance Foundry can trim your plastic covers to specified lengths upon request. View Color Options

Steel Post Protection

Plastic bollard covers protect steel pipes from corrosion. Painted bollards often rust with the scrapes and dings of use and corrode quickly in high-saline conditions (like saltwater spray or de-icing salts). Bollard sleeves replace the need for paint upkeep. Scraping, sanding, and painting to remove rust spots or scratches have material costs and maintenance hours. By comparison, plastic is a simple and economical solution. Sleeves are easy to replace if they are damaged by a collision.

Traffic Management

Steel posts offer the most security when they are highly visible—providing guidance as well as physical protection. Steel mitigates damage in an accident. Bright colors or reflective surfaces can prevent the accident from occurring. Avoid worry, damage, and frustration before the accident ever happens. Plastic covers increase safety by providing better visual cues for vehicles, bikes, and pedestrians—clearly identifying roadways, parking spaces and off-limit areas. Reflective and high-visibility covers are especially suitable for industrial and high-traffic commercial areas. Read More

Durable And Easy To Install

Plastic bollard covers are made from durable polyethylene, so they resist fading and cracking due to weathering. Permeated colors provide resistance to physical markup from vehicle impacts and helps bollards avoid fading due to solvents and de-icing salts. Plastic sleeves are lightweight, making them easy to install. Foam compression strips help secure them tightly over steel security posts. View Installation