What Good is a Bollard that Can’t Stop a Car?

An infographic introduction to no- or low-impact bollards

Bollards are becoming well-known in North America for their use in security perimeters, where they are crash-rated, or installed as security posts, to prevent vehicles from entering a protected area. Yet these are not the only type of bollards available. Low-impact bollards, that don’t provide vehicle stopping power, have been popular for centuries in Europe and the UK. Our infographic explores the use of bollards that can’t stop cars.

Infographic: What Good is a Bollard that Can’t Stop Cars? Shows how bollards are communication tools and provide ornamentation, lighting, bike parking, variable access, and asset protection, among other things.

Low-impact bollards, used alone or in conjunction with high-impact models, are a handy, unobtrusive way to communicate with drivers and pedestrians. Learn more about these non-impact-resistant bollards in the blog post that inspired the infographic!