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Introduction to Cast Iron: History, Types, Properties, and Uses

Cast iron parts at a foundry

The presence of iron in everyday life began in about 1200 BCE, encompassing a wide range of uses from farming implements to weapons of war. Blacksmiths became a critical profession, working with iron to change its properties and shape the material into tools. Every village and town would have a blacksmith’s shop, where sickles, plowshares, nails, swords, candlestick holders, and more were produced.

4 Unique Decorative Cast Iron Bollards

A glowing night scene features a vintage steam clock on a cobblestone street with a purple-lit building behind it

“Bollard” is an unknown term to many landlubbers, but it is familiar to most people who’ve bought a boat, because a standard measurement of a boat’s towing power is determined by a “bollard pull” test. Referring to a vessel’s bollard pull is like referring to a car’s horsepower. It tells the buyer what class of engine they can expect. As befits something that can test the power of maritime vessels, this is the beefiest of all our decorative bollards, weighing in at over three hundred pounds.