Bike Parking

7 Benefits of Bike-Friendly Businesses

A middle aged woman with a wide smile wears earbuds and a bike helmet

Expand your customer base and increase employee satisfaction

A set of circular bike racks sits on the curb of a busy street: blurred car behind.
A choice of commercial bike racks allow businesses to make best use of their space.

Cycling is a fantastic way to incorporate exercise into our daily routines, whether those involve recreation, or just getting to work on time. As communities become more interconnected, businesses and municipalities have an opportunity to attract a growing number of cyclists by providing bike-parking, thereby expanding their customer base and improving employee satisfaction.

Here are seven reasons why your commercial space needs to be bike friendly:

1. The numbers

North America’s largest cities are seeing an increase in the number of commuters looking for ways to ditch their cars in favor of a more economical and environmentally friendly way to get to work. Cycling, and more specifically, bike tourism, also remains a very popular recreational activity. If your business or municipality doesn’t provide adequate accommodations, cyclists are likely to move on, whether it’s where they work, live, or shop. Including bike parking is a tried and tested way to attract customers, boost revenue, and enhance community spaces.

2. Community engagement

Communities are becoming more integrated, encouraging a range of alternative modes of transportation. While municipalities are generally responsible for expanding bus routes, implementing new transit lines, and adding programs to introduce alternative transportation such as e-bikes, businesses play a huge role in shaping the culture and lifestyles in their local neighborhoods. By supporting reduced carbon emissions and healthier lifestyles, businesses can demonstrate strong leadership in supporting new infrastructure and developing their communities.

3. Cultivate your image

Every decision your business makes, including which amenities you offer, has an impact on how your customers, employees, and community view your brand. By offering adequate outdoor bike parking, or allocating indoor space for bike storage, people are more likely to look to you as a community leader. Cycling is a progressive and forward-looking activity, and supporting it can enhance an innovative brand. By establishing an on-street bike station equipped with tire pumps, tools, and watering station, businesses can take their support for cyclists to the next level.

A middle aged woman with a wide smile wears earbuds and a bike helmet
Bicycle facilities can help employees build exercise into their busy schedules.

4. Healthy & happy employees

Cycling is a highly beneficial cardiovascular exercise that can have a positive impact on employees, businesses, and the community. Regular cycling helps people stay physically active, which can reduce the risk of developing chronic health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. High-energy exercise has also been proven to improve mental health and support creativity. Encouraging cycling in the workplace can be a powerful tool for promoting healthy lifestyles and provides employees with a fun, low-cost form of exercise. This can have a positive impact on an employee’s mental and physical well-being, resulting in fewer sick days and increased productivity.

5. Increase parking capacity at little cost

Motor-vehicle parking can require some serious real estate, not to mention adequate road access. Bikes are more versatile and take up much less space, which means more opportunities to accommodate them in a commercial or community space. A single bike rack can offer parking for multiple bikes in a convenient location while often taking up significantly less space than a single parking stall. With various designs available, racks can often be installed in areas that provide prime access to building entrances.

Two bicycles are chained to a wrought iron fence, one lifted off the sidewalk
Cyclists parking in odd spots can cause causing congestion and damage.

6. Optimize space

Without proper infrastructure, business-owners and municipalities might find cyclists parking in un-wanted spaces. This often results in commuters or visitors chaining their bikes to trees, fences, railings, or other site furnishings. This can lead to damage or obstructions to pedestrian or road traffic. Preemptive planning ensures more efficient use of space to accommodate a greater range of uses.

7. Community support

The increasing popularity in biking has led to a corresponding increase in support to businesses looking to enhance their bike parking and storage capabilities. Many community programs offer assistance for businesses looking to increase bike parking at their locations. Community organizations and government officials are often eager to assist and can help in the planning process. In some situations, they may even offer free hardware and installation.

Providing sufficient bike parking or storage can have a major impact on your business, the environment and your community. Offering a secure and convenient space for customers, visitors and employees to park their bikes can attract more cyclists, lead to increased revenue and showcase your business as a leader in sustainability. With the various options available for bike parking, including bike bollards, it’s never been easier to outfit your business, while enhancing the look and feel of your commercial space.