Industrial Wheels Documents

Brochures, PDF and CAD drawings and processing forms

Get the technical information you need for metal wheel applications—including all resources required to execute a successful wheel installation and/or plan for future wheel replacement.

  • Read product specifications in our detailed PDF and CAD drawings.
  • View warranty information for all industrial wheels.
  • Prepare seamless orders with our Credit Card Authorization or Credit Application forms.

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ModelProduct DrawingAutocad Drawing
R-3306 Single Flanged Wheel
R-3317 Single Flanged Wheel
R-3320 Single Flanged Wheel
R-3547 Double Flanged Wheel
R-3547-W Double Flanged Wheel
R-3548-M Machined Steel Wheel
R-3561 Double Flanged Wheel
R-3562 Double Flanged Wheel
R-3562-M Machined Steel Wheel
R-3564 Double Flanged Wheel
R-3564-M Machined Steel Wheel
R-3676 Double Flanged Wheel
R-3686-M Machined Steel Wheel
R-3688-A Double Flanged Wheel
R-3688-H Double Flanged Wheel