Cast iron tactile paving for pedestrian safety

Reliance Foundry’s detectable warning plates help make urban streets safe and accessible for all pedestrians. Tactile surface indicators help guide the visually impaired by signaling changing levels and marking the transition between sidewalk and street. Made from cast iron, a raw finish develops a rich red-brown patina, providing ample visual contrast. Read more

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R-4984-24Q Cast Iron Detectable Warning Plate

CAD $270.00

R-4984-24Q Raw

$270 or less

Detectable Warning Plate
Material: Cast Iron
Length: 24"
Width: 24"

Premium Quality

Detectable warning plates are built with lasting form and function. Tactile paving with truncated domes and non-skid features complies with all ADA and ABA guidelines to provide accessibility for the visually impaired. Only high-quality cast iron materials are used, conforming to ASTM guidelines and virtually eliminating maintenance issues associated with wear and tear. Cast iron in its natural state develops a permanent patina that complements urban infrastructure.

Easy Installation

Installation of detectable warning plates into concrete can be performed in just a few minutes to fit any streetscape. Two or more plates can be connected using the lock tabs and slots—no bolts are required. When setting detectable warning plates into concrete, use reusable lifting brackets and a construction pipe to lift and lower them into position. Cast iron plates have excellent adhesion to concrete, ensuring secure installation.