Precast concrete bollards are reinforced with steel for high-impact security

Precast concrete bollards offer a unique combination of design and protection. Concrete bollards are available in varying styles and heights to complement a range of architectural and landscape styles. Concrete bollards are reinforced with epoxy-coated steel rebar for high-impact protection, making them ideal for mixed-use urban environments such as parking lots, sidewalk crossings, and building entrances. Read more

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R-9703 Concrete Bollard

CAD $982.00


$982 or less

Concrete Bollard
Material: Concrete
Height: 32"

Quality Concrete Materials

Concrete is a durable stone material with exceptional strength and longevity. Reliance Foundry’s concrete bollards are precast using a high-pressure cement mixture to prevent chipping and wear, then sandblasted without chemicals to result in an exposed aggregate finish. The aggregate is unique Pacific Northwest granite sourced from British Columbia’s Fraser Valley—making the bollards complementary to parks, as well as a range of architectural designs, landscapes, and paved areas.

High-impact Security

Concrete bollards provide a high level of impact protection, making them ideal for sensitive, high-traffic areas. Install concrete posts in front of building entrances or large windows to protect from vehicle crashes. Bollards also provide protection to vulnerable areas such as utilities and pedestrian walkways bordering roads and parking lots.

Simple Installation

Concrete bollards are reinforced with epoxy-coated steel rebar that extends below the base of the bollard. For new concrete installations, rebar extensions are embedded into wet concrete. For existing concrete installations, adhesive is used to secure rebar into pre-drilled holes (drill templates will be provided with each order). Concrete bollards ship standard with 6-inch rebar extensions, but can be customized to any length. Please specify rebar lengths when requesting a quote. View Installation