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A heavy yellow machine sits atop a platform with raised rails in an abandoned factory.

Using Industrial Track Wheels

Factories, mills, and warehouses often must move materials horizontally over predictable pathways. With large loads and sporadic movement, transfer carts on rails provide efficient transport. Rails offer less friction than many other contrivances. A rail system also can run without either driver or specialized AI. It will move only along

Solar bollard lights along a pathway

Solar Bollard Lights: Landscape Trash or Treasure?

Solar bollard lights offer features that make them a landscape treasure, even for designers not motivated by sustainability. The most obvious feature is that they do not incur ongoing electrical costs. Less known is that installation offers additional, immediate cost savings: no trenching or utilities boxes are necessary. Solar bollards

A drill bit bites into a piece of metal and a curl of metal is pulled away

Tool Steel: Steel that Gets Things Done

What is tool steel? Tool steels are exceptionally hard, tough, or wear-resistant alloys. Their properties come from both their chemistry and their production. As their name intimates, these steels are ready to work cutting, grinding, drilling, punching, striking, or doing other tough jobs. Tool steels must have the right material

An image of a globe showing North America

What is the difference between Buy America and Buy American?

Most of our customers are in the United States. Although Canada and the US are closely linked by trade agreements, not all products flow freely. Legislation in the US or Canada can place purchase requirements on certain sectors or classes of trade. In our business, we often serve municipal, state,

A close-up photograph of the hands and microphones of two podcasters sitting across from each other

Reliance Recommends – Content We’re Keeping our Eye (or Ear) On

To offer real value, every business needs to know what matters most to its clients. At Reliance Foundry, this is slightly complicated since we work with many different client groups. We serve construction workers, engineers, landscape architects, architects, urban planners, and facilities managers. To continue to innovate for our customers,

A man in a blue paper surgical mask stands near an escalator with a bollard before it.

Why are Indoor Bollards Trending?

Bollards are normally considered outdoor site furniture. Their job is to separate traffic from other zones of activity, guiding drivers and protecting pedestrians. Though bollards are common on the street, they are placed around buildings. Entrances often feature a protective line of bollards. These prevent against parking error, accidents, and

A series of colorful hawsers are draped over a staghorn bollard on a Scottish marina

Mooring Bollards

The word “bollard” probably comes from the word “bole”—as in the bole of a tree. The first reported use is from a Scottish newspaper in 1763 referencing a marine bollard, used at a dock to moor boats. The use of the word spread, and now mooring bollards are known to

Two happy children play in water spray in a park filled with colorful bent tubes.

Powder Coating Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has a natural silver luster and resistance to corrosion. These qualities are what usually recommend the alloy compared to regular steel. For most customers it makes very little sense to cover the stainless in a powder coat or other finish. However, customers occasionally choose a colorful finish on

Two solar bollard lights are bolted to the edge of a rocky outcropping by the ocean, waves cresting around them

Bollards with Lights

Bollard lights are short outdoor lighting fixtures mounted in the ground, standing between 24 and 52 inches tall. For public areas, heavy-duty bollards are bolted to or embedded in concrete. In private gardens, pathway lighting may install on a simple stake. Bollard lights are excellent for illuminating pathways, sidewalks, driveways,