Bike Parking and Storage Accessories

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Showing all 19 results

Supporting hardware for all bike parking products

Select from a range of bike parking accessories to modify or enhance installations to best suit specific site requirements. Choose from bollard chains, bike-locking arms, alternative mounting options and more. Read more about bike parking accessories.

Bollard chains

Use chains to connect bollards and restrict both vehicle and pedestrian access. Connect chains with threaded eyes and quick links. Chains, eyes and quick links can be powder coated to match bollards and surrounding site features.

Removable mountings

Install bollards with removable mounting kits in mixed-use spaces or areas with changing access requirements. A range of mounting kits are available for different bollard styles and site requirements. Receiver covers are available to protect bollard housings and to prevent tripping hazards.

Bike locking arms

Equip bollards with powder-coated or stainless steel bike-locking arms for convenient bike storage or better removability. Bike bollards can be used on their own or in series to better manage space and provide storage. When used with removable mountings, bike-locking arms help when removing or replacing bollards.

Flanged surface mountings

Flanged mountings can be used to install R-79xx and R-89xx bollards into existing concrete surfaces. Use drop-in anchors to secure mountings, making for quick and easy installations.

Solar light assemblies and batteries

Solar head assemblies and batteries can be installed to replace damaged hardware. Calibrate replacement assemblies to the specific color, distribution and scheduling settings of other onsite bollards.