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R-8241 Peace Arch Bike Rack

CAD $429.00


$429 or less

Bike Rack
Material: Steel
Height: 33-3/4"
Width: 26-5/8"

Enhance Commercial Spaces with Reliable Bicycle Parking

Transform your commercial spaces by providing cyclists with accessible and secure parking solutions. Opting for secure bike storage not only underscores a commitment to health and green living but also refines urban settings. Keeping the landscape free from clutter and safeguarding natural and man-made features contributes to a vibrant, welcoming space. Efficient bike parking further serves as an added attraction for a clientele that values sustainability. Ideal bike storage facilities can be set up in:

  • Vibrant Commercial and Retail Centers
  • Residential Complexes and Multi-Family Housing Units
  • Schools, Colleges, and University Grounds
  • Green Parks and Recreational Areas
  • Urban Streets and Busy Sidewalks
  • Indoor and Outdoor Parking Facilities
  • Public Gathering Areas

Versatile Bike Parking Solutions to Meet Diverse Needs

Modern Bike Racks: Sleek and functional, these racks elevate any setting with their design. Available in powder-coated steel or stainless steel, they securely hold 2–7 bicycles, offering both sustainability and convenience.

Bike Bollards: Beyond their standard function, these bollards double as short-term parking solutions for up to two bicycles, adding utility to aesthetic design.

Bike Lockers: For those seeking added protection, our fully-enclosed bike lockers are the answer. They ensure bikes, helmets, and other belongings are shielded from the elements, tampering, and theft, making them perfect for medium-to-long term storage.

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