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Steel-Pipe Bollards: Building & Traffic Security Posts

Protect buildings and pedestrians from vehicle collisions

Steel-pipe bollards protect pedestrians, buildings and other sensitive areas from high-impact collisions. Security bollards can be covered with a range of plastic and metal protection covers for added visibility or aesthetic appeal. Bollard covers also ensure protection from corrosion and weathering.

Cover compatibility

Security bollards come with a standard primer coating that provides minimal resistance to corrosion. Steel piping should be painted regularly or covered with a decorative, stainless steel or plastic bollard cover. This will prevent corrosion and minimize any required maintenance. Covers are available in a range of sizes to fit all steel-pipe bollards. Covers can also be selected to enhance local building and landscape aesthetics or to increase the visibility of perimeter security.

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5 – 9$92.30
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25 – 49$82.10
50 – 99$79.50
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5 – 9$157.10
10 – 24$149.20
25 – 49$140.70
50 – 99$137.00
100 +$134.00
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5 – 9$251.00
10 – 24$237.00
25 – 49$225.40
50 – 99$220.20
100 +$215.60
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5 – 9$350.00
10 – 24$332.70
25 – 49$317.80
50 – 99$311.00
100 +$304.80

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Steel Pipe Bollard Sizes and ASTM 500B Wall Thickness
Bollard Model Schedule Diameter Outside Diameter ASTM 500B Wall Thickness
R-1007-04 40 4 in 4.5 in 0.237 in
R-1007-06 40 6 in 6.625 in 0.28 in
R-1007-08 40 8 in 8.625 in 0.322 in
R-1007-10 40 10 in 10.75 in 0.365 in

Secure protection

Steel-pipe bollards provide high-level protection against vehicle impacts—making them ideal in locations where motor-vehicle traffic may threaten the safety of pedestrians, buildings or other sensitive areas.

Pedestrian safety: Steel-pipe bollards are often installed in front of building entrances, in parking lots and near crosswalks to create pedestrian safe zones. They create an impenetrable barrier for vehicles but allow un-hindered passage for people walking on foot.

Building & structure protection: Steel-pipe bollards provide standoff protection for buildings and other sensitive areas such as public monuments, statues and fountains. Depending on their construction and finish, collisions with valuable structures can cause costly, even irreparable, damage. Security bollards ensure intruding vehicles are kept away from building exteriors—and other high-risk areas.

Perimeter security: Security bollards prevent smash-and-grab, or ram-raid, burglaries—where vehicles are driven through storefront entrances or windows. High-security areas may also feature steel pipe bollards at sensitive access points or gaps in fences.

Secure installation

Security bollards are made from ASTM 500 B structural grade steel, which will withstand significant shocks. Deep embedding and concrete reinforcement will ensure maximum protection.

Steel-pipe bollards can be installed in new or existing concrete. To install in existing concrete, a hole at least 6 inches wider than the diameter of the steel pipe should be drilled or dug to the area's frost line.

It is important to note that factors such as a bollard's dimensions, installation materials and length of embedded material can significantly affect the amount of protection provided. Consult an engineer for assured protection and safety.

Custom sizing & coating

All steel-pipe bollards are available in 7-foot lengths. Upon request, Reliance Foundry will cut pipe bollards to specified dimensions.

Bollard caps

Steel-pipe bollards can be topped with simple and cost-effective caps to create a clean and consistent finish. Avoid messy or un-finished alternatives and ensure smooth transitions—from uniform steel to a clean, domed profile. Bollard caps save time and labor costs, while preventing patchy and uneven hand-formed peaks. Concrete caps are made from 5,000 psi concrete reinforced with microfibers to create a hard, dense finish that will resist wear. Caps are available to cover both 4-inch and 6-inch schedule 40 posts.

Concrete security

Steel pipe bollards are available in precast concrete bollards for single-piece installations—offering high impact security with decorative finishing.

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