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Bollard Accessories

Find out how Reliance Foundry’s chain, installation, locks and bike arm accessories can be used to enhance bollard projects.

Enhance the aesthetics and functionality of bollards with Reliance Foundry’s bollard enhancement accessories. Accessories open bollards up to a whole range of new uses and Reliance Foundry offers proprietary solutions for specialising bollards to thee unique requirements of every application. From custom additions like bike-locking arms to flanged mountings that allow bollards to be surface mounted, Reliance Foundry offers solutions that expand the uses of bollards. Reliance Foundry’s catalog features a variety of accessories for architectural highlighting, landscaping, traffic management and much more. These accessories include: unique removable bollard installation kits, bike arms for secure bicycle parking, lifting arms to assist with removable bollards, chain highlighting products, and padlocks for locking removable bollards.


Highlighting Chain for Bollards

Decorative bollards can be configured with eye bolts that are used in junction with connectors and bollard highlighting chain to define boundaries and mark out intended routes for both vehicles and pedestrians. Reliance Foundry can also finish the chain in the same customized color as any bollard to create a seamless architectural highlight. Many architects and landscape designers have found chain to be an effective tool for maximizing pedestrian and vehicular control.

Bike-locking Arms

Along with the traditional function of traffic guidance, bike-locking arms open bollards up to a whole new application – secure bike parking. Reliance Foundry’s secure bike locking arms are created from high quality stainless steel and can be affixed to almost every bollard in the catalog. They are available in both coated and non-coated finishes. The addition of secure bike- locking arms will often help a bollard project qualify for LEED credits.

Lifting Arms for Removable Bollards

Stainless steel arms can also be added to removable bollards to aid in their handling and transport. Many users find it difficult to dislodge removable bollards and the arms make it easier to remove bollards from their receivers. Just like the secure bike-locking arms, they are created from high quality stainless steel and are available with coated and non-coated finishes.

Mounting Kits

Reliance Foundry offers various mounting kits for every bollard model. Whether the concrete surface is new or pre-existing, Reliance Foundry offers hardware that secure mount any bollard. Mounting options are also available that bollards to be installed on asphalt, grass and other surfaces. Many of these options will even allow the bollard to become temporarily removable. Reliance Foundry can also affix flanged mountings to post covers, allowing them to be surface-mounted without a post. For more information on how Reliance Foundry’s bollard mountings are used, please visit the bollard installation page.

Removable Mounts for Decorative Bollards

A unique option in the bollard industry, Reliance Foundry offers two models of specialized mountings that allow decorative bollards to become temporarily removable. These specialized mountings transform decorative bollards into traffic guidance devices that can be temporarily removed to allow access to emergency, maintenance and delivery vehicles. Reliance Foundry offers both a premium and economy removable mounting for decorative bollards.

Are you looking for an installation or replacement product that you can’t find on the list? The experts at Reliance Foundry will be happy to provide whatever assistance they can. Contact the Sales Department for more information.