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Bollard Accessories: Enhanced Custom Mounting & Design

Customize bollards for additional functionality and aesthetics

Reliance Foundry bollards can be enhanced with a range of accessories to add additional functionality or aesthetics.


Bike-locking/lifting arms

All standard Reliance Foundry bollards can be equipped with powder-coated or stainless-steel arms to allow for bike storage or additional maneuverability. Bike-parking bollards can be used on their own or in groups to form bike-parking corrals to better manage space and provide storage. When used with removable or fold-down mountings, affixed arms can provide more maneuverability when removing or replacing bollards—or allow for versatile, or seasonal, accommodations in multi-purpose spaces.

Flanged surface mount

Flanged mountings can be used to surface mount most standard and stainless steel bollards to existing concrete surfaces—allowing for quick and easy installation. Surface-mounted bollards can also be relocated with minimal intrusion to concrete surfaces.

Removable mountings

Most iron, steel and aluminum bollards can be installed with removable mounting kits, which allow bollards to be quickly and conveniently removed in mixed-use spaces with changing access needs. A range of mounting kits are available to suit different styles of bollards and site requirements. Embedded mounting kits can be installed in a range of surfaces, including asphalt, brick, tile and grass. Receiver covers are also available to protect bollard housings and avoid tripping hazards.

Highlighting chains

Bollards can be connected with highlighting chains for both aesthetic and functional applications. Chains can demarcate areas, directing pedestrian and vehicle traffic from restricted areas. Chains are connected with quick links to chain eyes affixed to designated bollards. Chains, eyes and quick links can be powder coated to match chains and surrounding site features.

Replacement solar head assembly and batteries

Solar head assemblies and batteries can be installed on all solar lighting bollards to replace systems damaged beyond repair. Head replacement assemblies can be individually calibrated to the specific color, distribution and scheduling settings of other bollards on site.