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The Reliance Foundry Blog

Your leading source for the latest information on bollards, bike racks, metal wheels and investment castings.

2015 Scholarship Winner | Bollards & Post Covers

Bollards in My Community Scholarship Winner Announced!

Stefano Unlayao of Mississauga, Ontario, takes home the $3,000 grand prize!+ Read more

Benefits of Precast Concrete | Bollards & Post Covers

Benefits of Precast Concrete Bollards

Impact protection and premium design+ Read more

Atlanta Neighbors Bike To Work & Win Big | Cycling Contest

Atlanta Neighbors Win Big for Biking to Work

Contest winners tell all about video making, bike equipment and cycling in Atlanta+ Read more

Retractable Bollards | Traffic & Parking Barriers

Retractable Bollards Make Traffic Control Easy

Easily collapsed into a concrete surface, retractable bollards allow temporary changes for better access control+ Read more

History of Vancouver Foundries | Metal Casting Industry

History of Foundries in Vancouver

Supporting industry and development in British Columbia+ Read more

Industrial Cart Wheels: Standard & Custom | Flanged Steel

Choosing Industrial Cart Wheels: Standard & Customized

A range of heavy-duty wheels are available for all types of applications+ Read more

Beginner's Guide to Biking to Work | INFOGRAPHIC

A Beginner's Guide to Biking to Work (Infographic)

Essential tips to make the most of your bike commute+ Read more

Bike Culture in Europe & the USA: Bicycle Mindset

Bike Culture in Europe & the USA

How to build better bicycle communities+ Read more

9 Ways to Improve Your Bike Commute | Cycle to Work

9 Ways to Improve Your Bike Commute

Tips and recommendations for urban cycling+ Read more

Bollards in My Community Scholarship: 2014 Winner Interview

2014 Grand-Prize Scholarship Winner Profile

Brandon Hill took home last year's $3,000 scholarship for his video submission+ Read more

Concrete Bollard Caps For Quality Finishes | Security Posts

Concrete Bollard Caps Create Quality Finishes

Use concrete bollard caps to create clean and consistent security post installations+ Read more

Security Bollards | Post Protection for Public Spaces

Security Bollards: Post Protection for Public Spaces

Assess a range of security options to address potential threats and vulnerabilities—while ensuring optimal perimeter design+ Read more

Choosing Bike Racks, Bollards and Lockers | Reliance Foundry

How to Select the Best Bike Parking Solution

Bike racks, bollards and lockers offer user-focused options for mutual benefit+ Read more

Removable Mountings for Bike Bollards | Traffic & Parking

Removable Mounting Options for Bike Bollards

Select from a range of bike bollards and removable mounting options+ Read more

How to Install Decorative Bollards with Removable Mountings

How to Install Decorative Bollards with Removable Mountings

Almost all decorative bollards can be installed with removable mountings, ensuring the best in functionality and ornamentation+ Read more

Bike Parking | Business and Community Development | Reliance Foundry

Does Secure Bike Parking Bring New Customers?

Businesses can accommodate a growing demographic while encouraging better health and security in their community + Read more

Bike Lockers | Public Security and Accessibility | Reliance Foundry

Bike Lockers Provide Security for Modern Cyclists

Supporting accessibility and protection+ Read more

Should Your Company Become Bike-Friendly? | Commercial Bike Racks

7 Reasons to Offer Bike Parking at Your Business

Expand your customer base and increase employee satisfaction + Read more

Bicycle Lockers | Environmentally Sustainable | Reliance Foundry

Bike Lockers And Environmental Responsibility

Cost-effective means for improving community infrastructure+ Read more

How Many Bikes Does a Bike Rack Hold? | Reliance Foundry

INFOGRAPHIC: How Many Bikes Does a Bike Rack Hold?

Bike etiquette in the pedal world+ Read more

Classic Plastic Post Covers Provide Traditional Ornamentation

Decorative Plastic Bollard Covers Achieve the Historical Refinement of Cast Iron

Improve the look and feel of standard security bollards while protecting them from wear and rust+ Read more

Plastic Bike Lockers | Livable Communities | Reliance Foundry

Plastic bike lockers make for livable communities

Growing bike infrastructure supports local businesses and healthy lifestyles+ Read more

Protecting People, Vehicles and Buildings: Steel Bollards Are the First Line of Defense

Steel Pipe Bollards Protect People, Vehicles and Buildings

Traffic control challenges faced by government officials, facilities administrators and store owners+ Read more

mild steel | plain carbon steel | ASTM International | steel testing | alloys

ASTM A27 Steel: A Guide to Choosing the Right Grade for Your Casting

There are several grades of steel covered under ASTM A27+ Read more

Plastic Security Post Covers for Traffic Control, Protection & Safety

Colored Plastic Bollard Covers Bring Bollards To Life

Add colored plastic bollard covers for safety, visibility and fun+ Read more

industrial wheels | iron or steel wheels

Choosing Steel or Iron Industrial Wheels: The Pros and Cons

A wheel's composition can greatly affect its performance+ Read more

Bike Contest | Pedals for Professionals | Ride to Work | Incentives

Pedals for Professional Winner Gives Back to the Biking Community

Bike to Work Contest Winner Kevin Neidorf uses prize money to help kickstart internal commuter program+ Read more

Fenway Park Bollard Infographic

Fenway Park Bollards: A Closer Look

Reliance Foundry provides a useful look into one of the company's most exciting projects to date.+ Read more

Commercial Bike Lockers | Eco-Friendly | Reliance Foundry

Reliance Foundry Bike Lockers: An Eco-Friendly Solution

Safe, secure and good for everyone+ Read more

Ornamental Bollards | 5 Little-Known Functions| Reliance Foundry

Ornamental Bollards: More than meets the Eye

Reliance Foundry presents 5 little-known, ornamental bollard characteristics that may make them the right fit for your site. + Read more

Solar Bollards: 10 Things to Consider | Reliance Foundry

10 Things To Consider Before Purchasing Solar Bollards

On every site, important considerations should be made to ensure that solar-powered lighting bollards operate effectively.+ Read more

Why Bike to Work? | Health and Environment | Reliance Foundry

Why Bike to Work?

Compelling reasons for choosing the bicycle over the car+ Read more

Plastic post cover is modified to highlight a Tesla-charging station

Post Cover Goes “Green” in Unique Application

Reliance Foundry provides plastic bollard cover that protects inventive electric car enthusiast from electrocution + Read more

Bike to work | Infographic | Reliance Foundry

Reasons to Bike to Work [INFOGRAPHIC]

Reliance Foundry provides useful information that may affect your decision on whether to take a car or bike to work.+ Read more

Newly Designed Plastic Bike Locker | Reliance Foundry

Reliance Foundry launches newly-designed, plastic bike locker

New bike locker delivers "peace of mind" security for cyclists.+ Read more

Calgary Water Centre Installs Protective Walkway Bollards

Calgary Water Centre Installs Protective Walkway Bollards

Bollards provide stylish alternatives to protect pedestrians at the Calgary Water Centre+ Read more

304 vs. 316 Stainless Steel | Definitions | Reliance Foundry

304 Stainless Steel vs. 316 Stainless Steel

Different grades offer contrasting levels of corrosion resistance and feature different surface finishes. + Read more

Defensive Bollards | Eastern Michigan University | Bollard Blog

Good Bollards: The Best Defense at EMU

Reliance Foundry bollards bolster student safety on the campus of Eastern Michigan University.+ Read more

Foundry Recycling | History | Reliance Foundry Blog

Foundries and Recycling

Since the beginning, metal recycling has been an essential component of foundry operations.+ Read more

Metal Wheels: Single or Double Flanged? | Reliance Foundry

Metal Wheels: Does Single or Double Flanged Make a Difference?

Reliance Foundry explains the "ins and outs" of flanged rail wheels+ Read more

Bollard Evolution │ Reliance Foundry Blog

Land Ho! The Evolution of Bollards

Learn about the nautical roots of bollards and find out how they migrated inland to compliment contemporary architecture.+ Read more

Bollards protect Stadium-goers│Bollard Blog│Reliance Foundry

Bold Bollards Make Game Days Safer

Reliance Foundry offers many bollard solutions that help to protect people and property at sporting venues.+ Read more

Bollards | Central Memorial Park Renovation | Reliance Foundry Blog

Bollards Breathe New Life into Calgary’s Central Memorial Park

Reliance Foundry bollards figure largely in the recent renovation of Calgary’s Central Memorial Park+ Read more

Security Bollard Covers | Architectural Integration |Reliance Foundry

Metal Bollard Covers Integrate Security and Architecture

With Reliance Foundry’s metal post covers, adding perimeter security does not have to equal loosing aesthetic appeal.+ Read more

Castings vs. Foundry | Reliance Foundry Blog

Castings vs. Foundry: What’s the Difference?

Find out where metal products are produced and learn the processes that are used to create castings. + Read more

Removable Bollard Benefits | Bollards Blog | Reliance Foundry

Removable Bollards Help Properties Evolve

Property-owners are given freedom and flexibility with Reliance Foundry’s line of Removable Bollards+ Read more

Bollards Cover your Assets | Bollard Blog | Reliance Foundry

Cover your Assets: Bollards Both Protect and Beautify

Reliance Foundry offers bollards to meet the aesthetic and security needs of every site.+ Read more

Bollard Product Spotlight | Model R-7593 | Reliance Foundry

A Bollard Like No Other

Machining Innovations Take Model R-7593 Bollards to a New Level+ Read more

Hospital Security Bollards | Reliance Foundry | Bollard Blog

Hospitals Improve Safety with Security Bollards

Without presenting the appearance of a fortified bunker, bollards and covers protect patients and staff.+ Read more

Traffic Bollard Types | Reliance Foundry | Bollards Blog

Traffic Bollards Protect Cars, Buildings, and People

Learn the types of bollards best suited for every traffic application.+ Read more




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