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Steel and Iron Casting Services

Reliance Foundry facilitates the economical production of iron & steel investment and sand castings from its global network of foundries

Facilitate the high-volume production of steel and iron castings with Reliance Foundry. Serving both large and small business and original equipment manufacturers, Reliance executes the casting of many common ferrous alloys using both sand casting and investment casting. Sourcing material from across the globe allows Reliance Foundry to provide the most economical solutions for large-scale casting projects.

Quality Tested

A whole range of factors must be considered when having production outsourced, and Reliance Foundry has the know-how to efficiently facilitate this process. Every investment casting, sand casting or die casting that is produced under Reliance Foundry’s supervision is subject to the detailed scrutiny of foundry professionals. The experts at Reliance Foundry know what goes into producing top-quality iron and steel castings; they will ensure that every casting produced meets customer demands.

Economical Solutions

Outsourcing the production of large scale casting projects can provide many economic benefits. Foreign-made castings can generally be produced at a fraction of the cost of those produced domestically and, under the supervision of Reliance Foundry, they can be produced quickly and with at least the same attention to detail as you would expect from a domestic foundry.

Reliance Foundry has the experience to facilitate the international production of castings; for over 20 years, it has had some of the most cost-sensitive castings on the market produced through its international network of foundries.

Expert Advice

With over 85 years of experience in the design, production and supply of cast metal goods, the experts at Reliance Foundry have the ability to successfully help beginners plan the outsourcing of a casting project. They are available to answer questions through from the beginning casting design and planning phases, and they have the knowledge to help with shipping, import concerns, and quality control issues. The foundry professionals at Reliance Foundry would be pleased to walk you through various costing schemes to determine if the outsourcing of a project is indeed economically feasible.

Reliance Foundry has been a supplier of cast steel products since 1925 and testaments to its success can be found in almost all corners of the world. With versatility in design and complete accuracy in production, Reliance Foundry can produce the castings you need to your exact specifications. The benefits of having Reliance Foundry facilitate your custom steel casting project can be summed up in four words: accuracy, versatility, integrity and finish. Trust Reliance Foundry to see your casting project through from drawing to delivery.