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Removable Bollards Control Access

Control access to restricted locations or customize areas for variable use

Removable bollards are ideal for locations with changing access needs. They control entry to restricted laneways while allowing occasional passage for service, delivery or emergency vehicles. When installed, they create clear, visual barriers that prevent vehicle access while preserving sightlines and un-obstructed pedestrian flow. Remove posts to increase access to large plazas, parking lots or security areas. Removable bollards also regulate entryways to parks and other outdoor spaces during off-hours.

Removable bollards are secured in-ground via embedded receivers—minimizing obstruction when removed. Bollards lock into place to prevent tampering or theft. Many bollards can also be equipped with annular rings or lifting handles for convenient handling during removal and transport. Select from a range of models and styles to suit any site or application.

Dedicated removable bollards

Dedicated removable bollards are made from stainless steel or powder coated standard steel. Stainless steel and protective powder coatings ensure durable finishes that withstand wear and corrosion with long-term use. Clean and simple designs suit any architectural building and landscape. Dedicated removable bollards can be equipped with annular rings to enhance aesthetic appeal and to assist in handling and removal. Two types of dedicated removable bollards are available:

  • Integrated removable bollards (R-8462): Integrated bollards feature built-in removable mounting hardware and internal key-locking mechanisms for quick and easy accessibility—with no additional mounting hardware required.
  • Customizable removable bollards (series R-79xx and R-89xx): Customizable removable bollards can be installed with hinged-lid receivers or chain receivers. Both mounting types are embedded in-ground and can be covered to prevent tripping and accumulation of debris. Receivers are available in galvanized and stainless steel.

Decorative removable bollards

Decorative bollards are available in premium ornamental styles to suit high-end architecture, historical areas and other design-oriented locations. Decorative bollards are available in ductile iron or aluminum. Both materials are highly castable, allowing for a range of intricate designs and styles. Ductile iron is strong and won't crack (unlike standard cast iron materials, which can be extremely brittle). Aluminum is lightweight—making it an exceptional material for removable applications—and is highly resistant to rust in corrosive environments. Two mounting types are available for decorative bollards:

  • Premium removable mountings. Premium removable mountings are installed below ground for the most secure bollard placement. When bollards are removed, receivers retract into the ground to avoid obstruction.
  • Economy removable mountings. Economy removable mountings can be installed in new or existing concrete. Economy mountings are less intrusive to installation surfaces and can be moved if needed. Low-profile mountings ensure minimal obstruction when bollards are removed.

Flexible removable bollards

Flexible bollards are ideal in locations where vehicle impacts may be expected or are unavoidable. Proprietary polyurethane construction ensures bollards retain their shape and return to their original, upright position—while minimizing damage to vehicles during collisions. Flexible bollards can be installed with removable mountings for areas with changing traffic patterns or access needs. Flexible bollards are available in a range of custom colors, and select models feature reflective materials for maximum visibility.

Other custom access bollards

  • Retractable bollards can be retracted fully below ground, eliminating the need for additional storage and transport labor. Retractable bollards can be secured with a single key-locking mechanism and close flush with ground to ensure no obstruction or tripping hazards.
  • Collapsible bollards fold down to allow temporary access for vehicles. Collapsible bollards are available with integrated hardware or customizable mounting kits.

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