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Removable Bollards

Reliance Foundry’s economical removable bollard solutions offer flexibility in access control.

Removable Bollards Explained

Removable bollards offer the ultimate convenience in access control. When in use, they restrict vehicle access, highlight architecture and communicate traffic flow expectations. When removed, they allow temporary access to otherwise restricted areas. They are installed in an in-ground receiver (or sleeve) that sits below the concrete surface. When resting in the receiver, the bollard can be locked in place to prevent theft or misuse. Depending on the model, the removable bollard can be secured with an internal locking mechanism or with a pad lock that attaches to a chain or lidded receiver. Reliance Foundry has also developed specialized, proprietary mounting hardware that allows decorative bollards to become temporarily removable. Removable traffic bollards are an ideal solution for changing access applications and are usually priced more competitively than retractable models.

The Use of Removable Bollards

A model R-7901 stainless steel removable bollard by Reliance Foundry is shown close up on an empty sidewalk on which it has been installed.

Removable bollards are designed for use on streetscapes where access needs change. Removable or lockable bollards are the perfect solution for areas that may need to be accessed by emergency, delivery and maintenance vehicles. They are commonly used for restricting access on driveways, alleys and laneways in both commercial and institutional settings. They can also be used to restrict access on fire or service roads and parks often use them to close entry at night or during the winter months. Large parking areas will often install removable bollards at secondary access points to increase admittance during special events or to allow additional access in the event of an emergency. Removable bollards are often seen outside warehouses, stadiums, strip malls, schools, and hospitals. They are also frequently situated in front of garage or bay doors, to protect them from dents and to restrict access solely to drivers with a key to the bollards. Removable bollards are also effectively used as parking reservation posts for private spaces.

Removable Steel Bollards

Removable bollards are most commonly constructed from steel and finished with paint or powder-coating. Steel is somewhat lighter than iron and other metals which makes it optimal for use in removable applications. Steel is a rigid material that will never shatter or create dangerous projectiles when struck. It is an alloy, created from several different elements, that provides a very high level of durability. Steel’s resilient nature makes it perfect for applications where maintaining structural integrity is a top priority but, if its powder-coated surface is scratched, it is more susceptible to corrosion than other metals. Removable steel bollards feature the durability to stand up to the demands of typical streetscapes. As function generally takes precedence over aesthetics in removable applications, removable bollards are usually designed in less ornate fashions. Typical models resemble small posts with rounded tops. Many models also feature annular rings.

Removable Stainless Steel Bollards

Stainless steel works well to compliment modern architectural motifs. It provides a sleek, functional and cotemporary aesthetic and does not generally require a protective coating. It is also less likely to stain or rust than other metals. Two grades of stainless steel are generally used to create removable bollards – 304 and 316 stainless steel. Both provide a high level of corrosion and oxidation resistance but each is better suited to a specific application. 304 is typically used in the industrial, architectural, and transportation industries and 316 (or marine grade) stainless steel is suited for coastal applications where bollards may be exposed to salt water. Stainless steel removable bollards are the top choice for installations that will take place in wet environments or where it is necessary to maintain a modern architectural motif. Stainless steel removable bollards deliver a sleek appearance but usually feature less ornate designs.

Decorative Removable Bollards

Reliance Foundry offers two specialized mountings that can be used to transform decorative bollards into temporarily removable traffic control devices. Decorative bollards are typically created from ductile iron. They are designed to deliver traditional aesthetics are installed primarily to highlight architecture or to act as visual cues that increase safety on streetscapes. Ductile (or spheroidal) iron offers a higher level of durability than standard iron as its spheroidal nodes make it less likely to crack. Reliance Foundry’s decorative iron bollards feature a hollow shaft that allows them to be set over virtually any type of mounting hardware. Reliance Foundry offers both an economy and premium removable mounting and both function in a similar manner. A pin is slid through the decorative bollard’s base and the removable mountings inner cylinder to lock it in place. To prevent theft, a pad lock can be affixed to the end of the pin. When the decorative bollard is removed, the economy removable mounting must be removed with a wrench but the premium mounting can be retracted into the substrate with a clockwise turn of the hand. Reliance Foundry’s removable mountings increase the design options for removable bollard projects and allow the modern-day convenience of removability to be combined with the traditional aesthetics of decorative iron bollards.

Removable Bollard Suppliers

Reliance Foundry has supplied top-quality bollards for over 85 years. Over 40 models that can be installed with removable mountings are kept in stock and are available for shipment immediately. Reliance Foundry offers steel, stainless steel and decorative iron removable bollards in a wide variety of styles and finishes. All of Reliance Foundry’s bollards are created in aesthetically-pleasing designs that offer an unsurpassed level of durability. Every model is extremely easy to maintain and Reliance Foundry also offers an assortment of bollard accessories that can be used to facilitate the installation of removable bollards. Visit Reliance Foundry’s online removable bollard catalog for more information.