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Industrial Steel Wheels

Single and double flanged wheels for industrial carts

Reliance Foundry's line of industrial steel wheels can be used for a variety of rail applications. High-quality metals and precision design offer the best in durable performance and productivity—ensuring the best possible value while minimizing the need for mechanical servicing and maintenance. Small rail installations support high-capacity loads with smooth and controlled transferability. Single and double flanged metal wheels are available for commercial and industrial operations—including lumber kilns, material transfer vehicles, marine tracks, cranes, and factory/mining carts.

Double flanged wheels

Double flange wheels ensure the best in safety and operations for rails with inconsistent geometries and/or signs of damage or wear. Reliance Foundry's double-flange wheels are designed for use in commercial wood-drying kilns, but many commercial and industrial sites also require double flanges for more secure operations—especially where heavy, high-impact or uneven loading is common. Double flange wheels are ideal for kilns, cranes and other industrial loading vehicles. They provide the best means for keeping carts on track for long-term use.

Single flanged wheels

Single flange wheels are ideal for a range of heavy-duty commercial and industrial rail carts—often used in the forestry, factory, mining and offshore loading industries. Wheels can be used for both driven and fixed wheelsets and can be machined to meet specific rail dimensions.

Solid steel manufacturing

Heavy-duty steel cart wheels provide optimal strength and durability for transferring heavy loads safely and efficiently. Compared to cast iron, which is brittle and more susceptible to fracturing, steel offers more elasticity—making it highly resistant to breakage while ensuring minimal wear for both wheels and rails. Inferior metals and/or manufacturing can lead to off-gauge configurations, wheel slippage or hazardous tread wobble—which can also create unnecessary vehicle and track wear.

Using cast or forged steel wheels for heavy industrial loading ensures minimal need for replacement—and fewer service disruptions. All Reliance Foundry wheels are inspected throughout production and are tested to ensure each wheel delivers the utmost in quality and performance.

Value-added & custom services

All wheels are manufactured with a standard rough machine finish but can be customized with additional machining and/or other features:

  • Boring
  • Bushings (purchase & installation)
  • Hardening
  • Machine finishing
  • Tread profiling

Don't see what you're looking for in our standard, in-stock products? Reliance Foundry will design and manufacture custom wheels for specific applications. Full customization services include consultation, design, prototyping, manufacture and shipment. Our experienced design staff is available to help identify the most suitable materials, pattern designs and manufacturing processes to ensure the best value and performance based on the intended application and volume requirements. For more information, contact Reliance Foundry's Sales Department.

Safe working loads

All industrial wheel products advertise a safe working load (SWL) to ensure suitability for specific applications. To determine the required load capacity for a wheel within a vehicle assembly:

  1. Identify the total weight of the vehicle and its maximum load.
  2. Add an additional 25 percent (of the total weight) to allow a margin of error.
  3. Divide the total weight (including the additional 25 percent) by the number of wheels supporting the cart. The resulting number must be lower than the SWL of the wheel you intend to use.

Note: Identifying load requirements in this manner will only determine capacity for a wheel at rest. Other factors, such as the positioning of a load and travelling speed, can affect the overall required loads for individual wheels. For specific operations, an engineer should be consulted to determine the suitability of wheels for a project or work site.

Fast and convenient shipping

All standard, in-stock products are shipped within 1–3 days from our head office. For specific shipping times, request a formal quote or contact Reliance Foundry's Sales Department.

History of excellence

Reliance Foundry has produced heavy-duty wheels for a range of industrial applications in the forestry and mining sectors for more than 85 years. Our knowledge and experience ensure the ongoing quality and dependability of all industrial wheels for lasting performance beyond industry norms.