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Industrial Steel Wheels

Flanged steel wheels from Reliance Foundry offer worry-free dependability

Remain productive with Reliance Foundry’s lineup of flanged, industrial wheels. Companies depend on their metal cart wheels day in and day out, and that is why delivering durable, long-lasting products is a top priority for Reliance Foundry. All flanged wheels offered by Reliance Foundry are subject to quality process standards, and they undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they offer the strength and durability that you expect for a variety of applications;

  • Lumber kiln cart wheels
  • Industrial cart wheels
  • Marine Track Wheels
  • Crane wheels
  • Mine car wheels

Double-Flanged Wheels

Reliance Foundry’s double flanged wheels are produced from high-quality cast steel, and are designed to provide an exceptionally long service life. These wheels were originally designed to serve as kiln cart wheels in the lumber drying industry, but they can be used for a variety of applications. Their steel composition is forgiving of inconsistencies in tracks. The second flange is a safety measure that is called for in many applications, helping to ensure that the wheel remains centred on the track during transport. Reliance Foundry stocks eight different cast steel kiln cart wheels, and all are available for immediate shipment.

Single-Flanged Wheels

For industrial applications where the support of two flanges is not required, Reliance Foundry offers a selection of single flanged, forged steel wheels. Single flanged industrial wheels are often used on heavy-load material transfer carts that are required to travel at higher speeds. Their composition makes them incredibly resilient, and their durability will help to ensure that proper load balances are maintained. Reliance Foundry offers two models of heavy duty, single-flanged wheels that will meet the demands of your application.

Trusted Steel Wheels

For wheels that transport heavy loads on rails, steel provides an optimal level of strength and durability. And, when it comes to transporting heavy materials safely and efficiently, our single and double-flanged wheels are designed to deliver. When compared to their more brittle cast-iron counterparts, steel wheels offer greater elasticity, making them an ideal choice for most industrial rail systems. Highly-resistant to breakage and wear, Reliance Foundry’s cast and forged steel wheels offer unsurpassed durability; this reduces the need for replacement, and fewer costly service disruptions.

Reliance Foundry advertises the safe working load (SWL) for every one of its steel wheel models to give its customers peace of mind in their selection. Selecting a wheel with the correct SWL is as easy as determining the load a steel wheel must safely bear and selecting a wheel model that exceeds that number.

Because we adhere to strict quality process standards, every metal wheel we manufacture is inspected throughout the production process, so you can be sure that it will deliver the performance you expect. This is followed by rigorous testing to make sure that each industrial wheel we create delivers both the utmost in quality and safety.

Value-Added Services

Reliance Foundry will always take the extra step to ensure that the industrial wheels it supplies meet exact customer needs. All wheels come complete with complimentary rough machined finishes, which can be customized with bushings or further machining steps to prepare for customer’s bearing needs.

A History of Excellence

For over 85 years, Reliance Foundry has been producing heavy duty wheels for various industrial applications. Produced to exceed common strength requirements, our high quality cast and forged steel wheels provide customers with the strength and durability they need. With a large inventory of single and double-flanged models always in stock, we have the ability to keep even the most materially-demanding industries seamlessly supplied. Our long-lasting steel wheels provide the utmost in adaptability, as they can be finished to the exact specifications needed for any application.

Don’t see what you need in our industrial wheels product line-up? Reliance Foundry would be please to quote you on your customized wheel requirements.