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Cast metal wheels and steel kiln cart wheels

  • Over 85 years of expertise entrenched in the design of each metal wheel
  • Proven durability with industry leading strength
  • Readily available with several single flanged and double flanged wheels in stock
  • Extensive product support
Double flanged kiln cart wheels shown with a selection of single flanged rail wheels

Industrial Steel Wheels

Reliance Foundry’s Flanged Rail Wheels Deliver Worry-Free Dependability

Remain productive with Reliance Foundry’s lineup of single and double flanged wheels. You depend on your dry kiln carts and factory carts day in and day out, and that is why delivering durable, long-lasting products is a top priority. Every flanged rail wheel offered by Reliance Foundry is subject to quality process standards and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it offers the strength and durability to deliver the performance you expect.

Double-Flanged Wheels

Reliance Foundry’s double flanged rail wheels are produced from high-quality steel and designed to provide an exceptionally long service life. Their steel composition is forgiving of inconsistencies in tracks and they are engineered to deliver a tensile strength that exceeds industry norms. The second flange is a safety measure that is called for in many applications, helping to ensure that the wheel remains centred on the track during transport. Reliance Foundry stocks eight different kiln cart wheels, and all are available for immediate shipment.


For industrial applications where the support of two flanges is not required, Reliance Foundry offers single flanged rail wheels. Single flanged wheels are often used on heavy-load material transfer carts that are required to travel at higher speeds. Their composition makes them incredibly resilient and their durability will help to ensure that proper load balances are maintained. Reliance Foundry offers six models of dependable, single-flanged rail wheels that will help to ensure that your factory carts remain productive.

Value-Added Service

Reliance Foundry will always take the extra step to ensure that the flanged wheels it supplies from steel meet the exact specifications of their application. With complimentary machine finishes and customized bushing and machining options, Reliance Foundry will help to ensure that every wheel meets the unique demands of its applications. Having produced top-quality metal products for 85 years, Reliance Foundry is a trusted supplier of metal wheels for carts. With a standard catalog that includes a selection of the most commonly-used wheel designs, Reliance Foundry works to ensure that its customers are seamlessly supplied.