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Reliance Foundry: Company Profile

A commitment to innovation and to providing top-notch customer service are the cornerstone of Reliance Foundry’s business.

Reliance Foundry is an industry-leading supplier of innovative cast metal and architectural products. A commitment to innovation and to delivering the highest level of customer service has been the cornerstone of Reliance Foundry’s success. With a catalogue that features distinctive bollards, cutting-edge bike racks and industrial cart wheels; Reliance Foundry offers a catalog of top-quality cast metal products and remains available to facilitate the large scale production of custom iron, aluminum and steel goods. Reliance Foundry searches the globe for the most innovative cast metal solutions and supplies them to a network that spans across North America. Testaments to the quality of these cast metal products can be seen in their many successful applications. From the many high-profile bollard installations to the timely delivery and seamless supply of industrial cart wheels, Reliance Foundry’s architectural products have enhanced streetscapes while its specialized castings have delivered the reliability expected from an industry leader. Reliance Foundry staffs experts in the design of cast metal products who can be contacted for all of your bollard, bike rack and cast metal inquiries.

Reliance Foundry is one of North America’s oldest, surviving cast metal suppliers and boasts over 85 years of casting experience. It was first incorporated in 1925 and was, at one time, Vancouver’s largest steel casting foundry. Once a regional manufacturer, Reliance Foundry has evolved to become an continent-wide supplier of foundry and architectural products. Reliance Foundry is the proud recipient of the Surrey Board of Trade’s 2012 Business Excellence Award.

Interested in learning more about what has driven Reliance Foundry’s success and what sets its cast metal products apart? Watch this video to see how Reliance Foundry’s bollards, bike racks, steel wheels and custom castings can enhance your application: