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Plastic Bike Locker | Bicycle Parking
Plastic Bike Locker | Bicycle Parking

Plastic Bike Locker | Bicycle Parking

Plastic bike lockers provide the best long-term bicycle security—suitable for all commercial and outdoor configurations

Bike lockers provide the highest security for longer-term bicycle parking, offering piece-of-mind protection from weathering, theft and vandalism.

5 – 9$1,400.00
10 – 24$1,362.00
25 – 49$1,342.00
50 – 99$1,324.00
100 +$1,306.00



Weight: lb

Base Diameter: in

Length: in

width: in

Width (at front): in

Width (at rear): in

Height: in


MAX Interior Security Post Size:
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Functional Design

Bike lockers offer spacious and easy-to-access interiors—optimal for storing additional packs, helmets, lights and other accessories. Its solid locking mechanism requires only a single padlock to ensure fully enclosed and secure storage.

Versatile Configuration

The wedge-shape design will accommodate a range of outdoor layouts. Individual units can be interlocked to create circular or straight-line configurations to fit interior and exterior corners, straight walls and open spaces. Configurations:

  • 5 boxes: 90-degree corner
  • 10 boxes: 180-degree semi-circle
  • 15 boxes: 270-degree three-quarter circle
  • 20 boxes: 360-degree circle

Easy to Install

Solid, light-weight construction makes bike lockers easy to maneuver and relocate. Internal bolts ensure secure surface mounting to existing concrete surfaces. Units come preassembled and ready to install.

Durable and Low-Maintenance

Made from low-density polyethylene, Reliance Foundry bike lockers resist cracking under stress, have excellent impact properties and will retain their shape and color for more than 20 years. Cleaning requires only warm soapy water.


Reliance Foundry's straightforward resources and proprietary mounting systems make installing bike lockers a breeze.

The inside of a bike locker and the surface to which it is mounted is shown to demonstrate how its flanged base allows it to be secured.

The interior flanged base allows the locker to be secured on new or existing surfaces. Reliance Foundry's bike lockers can be easily surface-mounted with concrete inserts, bolts and fender washers. To perform installation, the locker is set in its intended position. Holes with a 7/8” diameter are then drilled through the floor of the locker into the concrete substrate below. There are no set locations for the holes; for the most secure results, it is recommended that the markings be placed near the front, rear and middle of the locker's longest walls. Once the holes are created, concrete inserts are set inside them. Fender washers are then set over the holes and bolts are tightened into the inserts. Installing bike lockers in this manner allows their mounting to be fully contained within the unit. Reliance Foundry's lockers are designed with a unique pie-shaped footprint that allows them to be interlocked, if needed; five bike lockers will fit perfectly into a 90 degree corner, 10 units will make a semi-circle, and 20 units will make a full circle.

Installation Equipment Required

  • Measuring tape
  • Hammer Drill or Rotary Hammer
  • 7/8” Masonry Drill Bit
  • Small Masonry Chisel
  • Can of water for cleaning drill bit
  • Chalk
  • Level
  • Hammer
  • Masonry Nail (optional)

Surface Preparation and Determining Layout

  • Ensure that underground utility lines and pipes pose no risk:

    Because installing bike lockers requires penetration of the concrete surface, it advisable to check for water pipes, gas lines and underground wiring.

  • Clean surface:

    Dirt and debris can affect the line of sight and disrupt placement of the bike locker. Use a broom, an electric leaf blower or a pressure washer to clean the surface of the concrete on which the bike locker will be placed.

  • Study site plans:

    Site plans are generally created by the architect of the project. The architect will mark the intended location of the bike locker on the plan. Ensure that the plan coincides with the site and familiarize yourself with the intended position of the bike locker.

  • Place the bike locker in its designated location:

    Create drill-markings for each bolt that will be used to secure the locker in position. There are no set positions for where the bolts must be placed but, for the most secure results, it is recommended that the markings be placed near the front, rear and middle of the lockers longest walls. The markings should also be made far enough away from the wall to allow for the use of a rotary hammer and wrench.

Drilling the holes

  • Set the depth control on the Hammer Drill (or Rotary Hammer) to 3”

    Most hammer drills have a depth setting or depth control bar. If depth control is not available, use masking tape to mark 3”on the masonry bit.

  • Drill the hole

    Apply force to rotary hammer and create a hole that has a one inch diameter and a depth of 3”. Drill on high speed, using the hammer function if available. Check the masonry bit often to ensure it remains debris-free.

    If the masonry bit becomes clogged with concrete dust, rinse it in the can of water. If an overly hard patch of concrete is encountered, it can be broken with a masonry nail and hammer.

Securing the Bike Locker

  • Tap a concrete anchor into each hole:

    Ensure that perforated side faces down and use a hammer to drive the anchor until its top sits flush with the surface of the concrete. This will set the anchor in place.

  • Begin securing the bike locker:

    Place fender washers over the holes and set the bolts into place. Then, use a ¾” wrench to tighten the bolts.

  • Inspect the installation:

    At a distance, examine the plain of view. The bike locker should appear to be perpendicular with the surface of the concrete.


Reliance Foundry manufactures its products to the highest design standards to ensure their durability and ease of maintenance. They are constructed from a polyethylene composite material that is highly-durable and resistant to most chemicals; they will not fade, chip or crack, and in most environments, they will retain their aesthetics through years of service. Regular inspections and cleaning are necessary to keep the lockers in top form. In most cases, Reliance Foundry's bike lockers can simply be rinsed with hose water to remove dirt and other debris. For more difficult-to-remove dirt, a mild soap can be used along with a cloth. It is important to rinse the soap after washing to avoid staining the bike locker.

Many users have also found Windex to be an effective agent for removing set-in stains. Bike lockers should be washed regularly as required by the specifics of each site, and dirt & debris should be removed whenever it is noticed. Select biodegradable anti-graffiti sprays and wipes can also be used on the lockers but it is important to check with the manufacturer to ensure that the cleaning agent will not damage polyethylene surfaces. If any parts are broken or missing, Reliance Foundry's Sales Department should be consulted to investigate the availability of replacements.


Reliance Foundry provides bike lockers at prices that are among the most competitive on the market and offers volume discounts for larger orders. They are kept in stock available for immediate shipment. Ordering bike lockers from Reliance Foundry can be a quick and easy process.

Request a quote

Reliance Foundry provides a convenient means for obtaining a formal quote via email. Click on the REQUEST A QUOTE box above. The quote you receive will include freight charges for standard commercial delivery right to the destination of your choice (delivery charges do not include unpacking, placement, installation or positioning of goods, or removal of packaging materials and pallets). The quote will not include applicable US federal or state taxes. Reliance Foundry is a Canadian company and therefore does not collect US State Use Tax. Once your request is sent, you will receive a quote via email within one business day.

Submit your order to Reliance Foundry

Bike locker orders can be submitted via email, telephone or fax. Please note that Reliance Foundry's office hours are 7:00 am - 5:00 pm pacific standard time. If you have received a formal price quote, you can acknowledge acceptance of the quote and request an order to be placed by signing the quote and faxing or e-mailing it back to Reliance Foundry.

Check your inbox

A confirmation of your order will be sent to you via email. Before the order can be processed, the confirmation email must be replied to or a signed copy of the confirmation must be faxed to Reliance Foundry.

Decide on a payment method

At Reliance Foundry, orders are generally processed with a credit card. Purchasing with a credit card is the fastest way to complete an order - and VISA, MasterCard and American Express are all accepted. Download the Credit Card Authorization form by clicking this link.

Other available payment methods:

  • EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer): State your intention to use this method when you submit your order and bank wire transfer details will be provided.
  • Check: Please note that this is a time consuming process in which the check be physically delivered via courier to Reliance Foundry. The order will ship after the check clears. Send checks collect to: Reliance Foundry, Unit 207 - 6450 148th Street, Surrey, BC, Canada V3S-7G7
  • Credit Account: In certain circumstances, Reliance Foundry will offer credit, but note that a credit approval process generally takes two to five days. Download the credit application form by clicking this link.

Shipping and transit

  • Orders for stocked bike lockers are generally shipped within one week of receipt of payment or acceptance of credit terms. Expedited shipping is available but it does come at a premium. It is advisable to receive a quote before selecting this shipping option as expedited rates can be substantially higher than standard rates.
  • The shipment details of your order will be sent to you via email once your order ships. The email will contain the freight carrier's name, your order's shipping/tracking number, and the appropriate website on which to track your order. The status of your shipment can be checked by visiting the designated website and entering your shipment number.
  • Orders will be received more quickly at certain points throughout North America than at others. One should generally allow seven days for standard shipping within North America but certain areas may require as many as ten.

Inspect your order upon receipt

  • Ensure that there was no loss or damage during shipment. If the order was damaged or if any pieces were removed during shipping, it should be noted on the way bill at this point. If your order is missing pieces, please contact Reliance Foundry immediately.
  • A dock or forklift is generally required to unload bike lockers without damage; it is the customer's responsibility to provide labour and equipment to assist with the unloading of goods on their site. Other freight options are available (i.e. tailgate lift for curbside or street level delivery, carrier equipped with lift truck, etc.) for an additional fee. Reliance Foundry must be advised of any special delivery requirements when a quote is requested or an order is placed.


For information on Reliance Foundry's limited warranty, please click this link.