R-8285 Plastic Bike Locker

Bike lockers provide the best security for extended-stay visitors. Providing more protection against weathering, theft and vandalism, bike lockers offer ideal storage for commercial buildings, college and university campuses, multi-family residences, high-traffic transit hubs and other extended-stay locations.

Encourage integrated communities by supporting a healthy and responsible means of transportation. Bike lockers accommodate any standard-size bicycle, including an evolving industry of electric bikes and even most mopeds. They feature simple, non-intrusive installation, making them easy to install and relocate if needed. Proprietary design also ensures lockers can be configured to suit a range of outdoor parking spaces.

Functional design

Bike lockers offer spacious and easy-to-access interiors—optimal for storing additional packs, helmets, lights and other accessories. A solid door-locking mechanism requires only a single padlock to ensure fully enclosed and secure storage.

Versatile configuration

The wedge-shape design will accommodate a range of outdoor layouts. Individual units can be interlocked to create circular or straight-line configurations — perfect for interior and exterior corners, straight walls and open spaces.

  • 5 boxes = 90 degree corner
  • 10 boxes = 180 degree semi-circle
  • 15 boxes = 270 degree three-quarter circle
  • 20 boxes = 360 degree circle

Easy to install

Solid, light-weight construction makes bike lockers easy to maneuver and relocate. Internal bolts ensure secure surface mounting to existing concrete surfaces. Units come preassembled and ready to install.

Durable and low-maintenance

Made from low-density polyethylene, Reliance Foundry bike lockers resist cracking under stress, have excellent impact properties and will retain their shape and color for more than 20 years.

Lockers can simply be rinsed with hose water to remove dirt and other debris. In some cases, warm, soapy water may be required to remove more difficult dirt and debris. It is important to rinse the soap away after washing to avoid staining.

Windex can be used for removing stains. For other biodegradable anti-graffiti sprays and wipes, check with manufacturers to ensure these products will not damage polyethylene surfaces.

Price List

5 – 9$1,400.00
10 – 24$1,362.00
25 – 49$1,342.00
50 – 99$1,324.00
100 +$1,306.00


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