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Solar Bollards

Reliance Foundry’s solar powered lighting bollards employ cutting-edge light management technology to deliver light efficiently.

Reliance Foundry’s new model R-9810 Solar-Powered Lighting Bollard is displayed on a grass pathway.

Solar-powered lighting bollards are used to guide pedestrian traffic, highlight landscapes and to increase safety and security in commercial environments. Reliance Foundry’s solar bollards provide an exceptionally high level of illumination and deliver cutting-edge light management technology. Solar light bollards by Reliance Foundry operate with a mono-crystalline solar module that is more efficient than multi-crystalline solar modules, and they provide a level of light volume that is unmatched among solar-powered bollards. Solar-powered lighting bollards feature a base that is constructed of steel and a cap composed of aluminum. Both are finished with meticulous attention to detail and powder-coated to ensure an exceptionally long service life. The lighting fixture, itself, is composed of polycarbonate which makes it almost completely resistant to vandalism and elemental damage. In order to provide this unsurpassed level of solar illumination, Reliance Foundry matched the trusted design integrity of its bollards with the innovative design of First Light Technologies’ intelligent solar-powered lighting system. The solar powered bollard’s “smart” light delivery system conserves energy and maximizes the bollard’s efficiency in every application.

Intelligent Solar Lighting Bollards

Solar bollards have long been used to brighten commercial walkways and highlight landscapes and architecture but Reliance Foundry’s solar bollard lights feature an intelligent functionality that makes them completely unique. The intelligent functionality comes in the form of an Energy Management System (EMS) that makes the bollard both intelligent and predictive. A microchip in the EMS features self-learning capabilities that actually track and adapt to changes in weather patterns. The EMS maximizes the lighting bollard’s performance on every site and even accommodates non-ideal installation conditions like partial shading. With their “smart” programming, Reliance Foundry’s solar powered bollards actually predict weather patterns and then optimize light delivery accordingly. Intelligent use of energy limits battery drain and this increases the reliability of the solar bollard light.

Set to the Requirements of Every Site

Reliance Foundry’s solar bollards are delivered with one of five different lighting schedules to maximize their efficiency in every application. Integrated into each bollard’s housing is a proprietary micro-controller based EMS (Energy Management System) that tracks a site’s solar patterns and adjusts automatically to deliver the appropriate level of light. Selecting a lighting program that allows a lighting bollard to dim or shut off during the night will help it to conserve energy and provide consistent illumination during times when it is exposed to less daytime sunlight. Reliance Foundry offers the option of 5 different lighting programs:

Program 1: The light turns on at dusk and, after 5 hours, reduces to providing 30% illumination. Using EMS technology, the light resumes full illumination 1 hour before sunrise.
Program 2: The light turns on at dusk and then off at sunrise.
Program 3: The light turns on at dusk and then switches off after 6 hours.
Program 4: The light turns on at dusk and, after 6 hours dims to 30% until sunrise.
Program 5: The light turns on at dusk and switches off after 5 hours. Using EMS technology, the light turns on 1 hour before sunrise.

Reliance Foundry’s solar bollards can also be set to distribute light in one of two manners that will optimize their use. Lighting distribution refers to the direction and pattern in which light is dispersed from the lighting bollard. Light can be distributed in a condensed symmetrical (SYM, or Type V) pattern or a further, reaching yet narrower asymmetrical (ASM, Type III) pattern. The lighting distribution required for a project will be determined by the spacing of the lighting bollards and the design of the project. Reliance Foundry offers solar bollard light options that deliver lighting distribution in both manners:

Lighting distribution patterns; one lighting bollard delivers light in a symmetrical pattern, and the one beside it delivers light in an asymmetrical pattern.

Through the selection of the correct lighting options, lighting bollards can be optimized for use in any application. (Please note that options must be correctly identified at the point of order; options cannot be modified after initial set-up). Whether your project is safety oriented or serves aesthetic purposes, Reliance Foundry offers the right lighting bollard options to enhance your project.

Unsurpassed Autonomy

At certain points during the year the level of solar light income will drop below the average level. Autonomy refers to the level of energy stored within the lighting bollard’s battery to operate during these times. Once turned on, most solar-powered lighting systems will operate at full charge until the battery fails but Reliance Foundry’s Solar-Powered Lighting Bollards are different. Reliance Foundry’s solar bollards employ an Energy Management System that tracks and adapts to changes in weather patterns and rations energy accordingly. The EMS ensures that the bollard will expend an appropriate amount of energy so that it will continue to operate throughout the night. With less light income, there will be less light output. In a worst case scenario, that in which the bollard receives no light, the lighting bollard will operate at minimum capacity that will still allow for 28 days of autonomy!

Interested the durability of Reliance Foundry’s Solar Powered Bollards in action?

Reliance Foundry offers several models of solar powered lighting bollards that can be surface mounted with a flanged base or secured with castings or anchors to both concrete surfaces and security posts. Bike locking arms can also be affixed to each model to provide a secure bike parking option. For specialized applications, corresponding models without solar-powered lights also offered at a reduced cost. All models are kept in stock and are available for shipment immediately. Visit Reliance Foundry’s Solar Lighting bollard catalog for more information.