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  • A row of Reliance Foundy's steel bollards that have been installed over security posts at the entrance of a modern institution is shown.
  • Modern-styled steel bollards by Reliance Foundry have been used to cover security posts that provide a business with anti-ram theft protection.
  • To demonstrate their durability, a line of bollards by Reliance Foundry is shown outside a transit station where they endure a high level of abuse.
  • A row of decorative bollards by Reliance Foundry are shown at the entrance way of a building where they have been installed with a fixed mounting.
  • A row of ductile iron bollards that has been used to provide ornamnetation to anti-ram security posts is shown outside a federal building.
  • A row of Relince Foundry's decorative bollards sits at the edge of a parking lot in front of a uniquely-styled retail outlet.

Reliance Foundry Bollards and Bollard Post Covers

Bollards meet the demands of countless applications and settings

Reliance Foundry offers a distinct selection of decorative and functional bollards, available in a wide variety of materials and aesthetic profiles. Removable bollards, parking bollards, asset protection bollards, solar bollards, retractable bollards, flexible bollards and outdoor bollard post covers are all available to suit the requirements of virtually any application.

Reliance Foundry offers an extensive catalog of designs, in styles ranging from classic to contemporary, to serve every architectural, traffic, security and landscaping function. No matter what the application, Reliance Foundry bollards and bollard covers add value and definition to streetscapes, while increasing safety.

Architectural Highlighting

Bring a sense of refinement to streetscapes with Reliance Foundry’s decorative bollards and steel post cover options. They are designed in a traditional fashion and available in styles to compliment every architectural scheme. All models are finished with a durable coating that will ensure that they provide the highest level of aesthetic value for years to come. Proprietary hardware and mounting systems make installation a breeze!

Traffic Guidance

Guide traffic safely with vehicle- friendly flexible bollards, which bend on impact to avoid vehicle and foundation damage. Parking bollards are available to direct, deter or obstruct traffic in parking lots. For changing access applications Reliance Foundry also offers an extensive product line of retractable or collapsible bollards. With even more options for cost-efficient bollard installations, Reliance Foundry presents a line-up of removable bollard posts, steel removable bollards, as well as removable stainless steel bollards.

Perimeter Security

Prevent theft and protect the exteriors of buildings with steel bollard posts from Reliance Foundry. Steel pipe bollards are available in several different sizes and finishes to fill the requirements of every application. Steel post covers and other decorative bollard covers are available to provide elemental protection and increase the aesthetic value of perimeter security pipe bollard posts.


Highlight rural features and natural landscapes with Reliance Foundry’s metal bollards. Available in iron, steel, aluminum and stainless models, Reliance foundry offers landscaping bollards that protect greenspaces and accentuate natural settings.

Reliance Foundry’s bollards and posts are an economical solution for increasing aesthetic value and safety on streetscapes. They can be installed over both new and existing security posts or in standalone, decorative applications. Over 50 models are kept in stock and all are available for immediate shipment. Every model has been designed by a bollard foundry professional to bring the highest level of aesthetic value to streetscapes and to provide an exceptionally long service life. Find out how Reliance Foundry’s bollard solutions transform streetscapes into architectural works of art.