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Scholarship Program

Reliance Foundry is proud to support future leaders in architectural design and site planning.

A photo shows a female student studying a construction site as a professional engineer looks on in the background.

Reliance Foundry is happy to support the next generation of architects, planners and urban designers through its annual scholarship program. The program is open to students currently enrolled in accredited, post-secondary institutions and those who plan to attend one in the following semester. Scholarships are awarded through a competition that asks eligible students to submit presentations related to the purpose and use of bollards. The management of Reliance Foundry hopes that these scholarships will lighten a student’s financial burden, and helps empower them to one day improve safety, security and the aesthetics of contemporary streetscapes. Since its inception, Reliance Foundry has been committed to developing the talents of the workers it employs and it now seeks to provide the same opportunity to those who seek to make a positive, future impact in the world of design, architecture, civil engineering and site planning. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often for updates and future contest announcements.

Past Winners:

The "Bollards in My Community" Scholarship Competition 2014

Do you know what bollards are and can you describe the functions they play at a site in your community? This was the question posed to participants who took part in the “Bollards in My Community” competition. The competition was open to all students enrolled in an accredited, post-secondary technical school, university, college and high school seniors who planned to attend college in the fall of 2014. The guidelines recommended describing how bollards contribute to the safety of the residents of the participant’s neighborhood, and how they play a positive role in the site’s aesthetics. Participants were asked to submit presentations describing the functions bollards play at a site in their community and they were free submit their story however they felt they could most effectively do so. There were no maximum or minimum word limits. In fact, the presentation did not even have to be submitted in standard written form; infographics, videos, imagery were also accepted and encouraged. The response was positive and Reliance Foundry received many top-notch presentations that describe how bollards improve sites all across North America. Many students took part, but three stood apart from the rest as the winners of the 2014 Bollards in My Community competition:

The Winner:

Name: Brandon Hill

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

School: University of Utah

Brandon Hill is entering his sophomore year at the University of Utah. His video presentation stood out above all the others and spoke perfectly to how bollards protect pedestrians and contribute to the aesthetics of his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. It contains footage of many different types of bollards and explains how they “do much more for a community than what, at first, meets the eye.” The staff at Reliance Foundry thought it was pretty cool that he was able to create and edit his winning presentation entirely on his smartphone too! Brandon was awarded $3,000.00 to put towards his education. Congratulations, Brandon!

1st Runner-Up:

Name: Meaghan Wilson

Location: Victoria, British Columbia

School: University of Victoria

Meaghan Wilson is an Art History and Visual Arts student at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. She submitted an excellent video presentation on how bollards provide an aesthetic that reflects her hometown’s history as a British settlement. Her presentation also describes the function and utility of bollards that are used outside of the city’s historic core. Meaghan’s explanation of how bollards are street furniture that match the context of their environment was especially noteworthy. Meaghan was awarded $500.00 to further her education. Thanks for your hard work, Meaghan!

2st Runner-Up:

Name: Haley Posey

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

School: Texas A&M University

Haley is a high school student that will study engineering at Texas A&M University this fall. She submitted a great video on how bollards prevent vehicles from crashing into buildings and how they highlight the architecture of many different buildings in Fort Worth, Texas. The video also explains how bollards effectively increase safety at sites where pedestrians and vehicles must share space. Haley was awarded $500.00 to put towards her education. Great work, Haley!

A row of Reliance Foundry’s model R-7589 bollards is shown in front of a college auditorium that features an historic design.

Bollards at Easter Michigan University

A row of bollards is shown on a sidewalk, alongside a sign that reads “Eastern Michigan University”.

Bollards by Reliance Foundry at Fredric Pease Auditorium

A bollard is shown on the courtyard outside the student union building at Robert Morris University.

Model R-7589 Bollards at the Edward Nicholson Center

Reliance Foundry is an industry-leading supplier of bollards and bike racks and a supporter of higher education. First incorporated in 1925, it is one of North America’s oldest cast metal suppliers. Reliance Foundry’s commitment to innovation has seen it grow from a regional manufacturer to an industry-leading supplier of site furnishing and architectural products. It staffs experts in the design of cast metal products and strives to provide its customers with solutions that bring value to their sites. Recently, Reliance Foundry was awarded the Surrey Board of Trade’s Business Excellence Award for demonstrating renewed growth after employing new web-based sales and marketing initiatives.