Industrial track wheels available with a single flanged configuration

Single flanged wheels are ideal for heavy duty commercial and industrial tracks. Reliance Foundry manufactures steel track wheels to suit a range of industrial carts and/or material transfer vehicles—often used in the forestry, mining, and offshore loading industries. All wheels are manufactured from high-quality steel and ensure the best value for performance-specific applications. Flanged wheels can also be customized as required. Read more

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R-3306 Single Flanged Wheel

CAD $77.00


$77 or less

Material: Forged 4140 steel
Flange Diameter: 4"
Tread Diameter: 3"
Safe Working Load: 3,500 lbs

R-3317 Single Flanged Wheel

CAD $254.00


$254 or less

Material: Forged 1045 steel
Flange Diameter: 9"
Tread Diameter: 7"
Safe Working Load: 10,500 lbs

R-3320 Single Flanged Wheel

CAD $281.00


$281 or less

Material: Forged 1045 steel
Flange Diameter: 9"
Tread Diameter: 7"
Safe Working Load: 12,000 lbs

Wheel Comparisons

Compare the critical dimensions and specifications for each of Reliance Foundry’s single flanged wheels for your project needs. Compare all single flanged rail wheels

High-strength Forged Steel

Single flanged wheels are machined from forged steel, ensuring a high level of strength and durability in all high-capacity track applications. Forged steel is extremely strong and without the brittle properties of cast iron—meaning it is less likely to break or fracture with use. Forged steel wheels ensure the best performance for long-term durability and use—minimizing the need for maintenance and repair. All Reliance Foundry steel track wheels are designed and manufactured to meet specific performance requirements and are inspected throughout production to ensure the highest quality.

Custom Services

Single flanged wheels are manufactured with a standard rough machine finish but can be customized with additional features and machining:

  • Boring
  • Bushings (purchase and installation)
  • Hardening
  • Machine finishing
  • Tread profiling

Don’t see what you’re looking for in our standard, in-stock products? Reliance Foundry will design and manufacture custom steel cart wheels for specific applications. Full customization services include consultation, design, prototyping, manufacturing, and shipment.