Corner Guards & Wall Guards

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Showing all 3 results

Rubber corner and wall guards prevent accidents and minimize damage

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Corner and wall guards serve as a visible caution to prevent accidents, and to minimize damage for any accidents that occur. They are ideal for parking lots, factory and warehouse interiors, and loading docks.

Quick and easy installation

Rubber corner and wall guards can be quickly installed by one person, with no specialized training or equipment required.

High impact rubber

Each corner and wall guard is made from high-impact rubber. They are designed for maximum durability, even after multiple impacts.

High Visibility

High intensity reflective tape increases visibility for drivers, especially at night. Reflective guards prevent collisions by increasing obstacle awareness.

Competitive and convenient purchasing

We offer an online catalog with detailed price lists and volume discounts. You can request a formal quote, including all shipping costs, directly through our website. Questions? Contact our knowledgeable sales staff at any time.