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Showing all 7 results

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Make parking lots and low-speed roads near schools, hospitals, or residential areas safer. Traffic safety supplies are designed to efficiently reduce speed, prevent accidents, and minimize damage from minor collisions. All Reliance Foundry traffic safety supplies are made of high-quality rubber for a long service life. Easy installation and high-impact materials for maximum durability. Effective products to reduce speed, prevent collisions, and minimize damage. Read more about traffic safety products.

Reliance Foundry traffic safety products

Select from a range of products for a variety of traffic management needs. All products are lightweight and designed for easy transport and installation.

Speed bumps and humps

Rubber speed bumps and humps are resilient against cracking and easily removable. They work to reduce speed and increase driver awareness. Read more about speed bumps and speed humps.

Parking stops

Parking stops are an effective way to signal the end of a parking stall. All models include reflective tape to ensure high visibility at all hours. Read more about parking stops.

Corner and wall guards

Rubber guards absorb impact to minimize any damage or dents during a collision. Durable materials ensure a long service life with low maintenance. Read more about corner guards.