Traffic Safety Supplies

Prevent collisions with easy-install traffic management solutions

Speed Bumps

Speed Humps

Parking Stops

Corner & Wall Guards

Make your high-traffic spaces safer. Traffic safety supplies are designed to efficiently reduce speed, prevent accidents, and minimize damage from minor collisions.

High-Quality Rubber

Rubber is ideal for traffic safety—it is many times lighter than cement, denser than plastic, and more durable than either. Where cement or plastics crack, rubber compresses. The result is a product that is long-lasting and low maintenance.

Modular Design

Reliance Foundry speed bumps and speed humps have a simple modular design that can be adapted to fit any road width.

Easy Installation

Every item is designed for simple installation. All Reliance Foundry traffic safety supplies can be installed by a single person, without the extra cost of specialized equipment.

Competitive and convenient purchasing

We offer an online catalog with detailed pricelists and volume discounts. You can request a formal quote, including all shipping costs, directly through our website. Questions? Contact our knowledgeable sales staff at any time.