R-3565 Single-Flanged Wheel

USD $2,643.00

The R-3565 Single-Flanged Wheel is ideal for low-speed commercial and industrial use involving carts, machinery, and other equipment where curved track is involved. The use of a single flange on one end of the wheel and precise tapering on the other results the wheel diameter automatically adjusting to account for curving rail, providing both security and guidance for travelling assets.

Crafted from ASTM A915 Grade SC4340 cast steel, the R-3565 is a durable, high-performance wheel with a safe working load of 25,000 pounds. For custom machine finishes/profiling, heat treatments, or bushings, please contact our sales team.

Note: This wheel is suitable for low speed applications (< 3 miles/hour). It should not be used for passengers. Reliance Foundry establishes safe working loads for all wheels, but an engineer may be required to ensure suitability for specific applications.

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