R-6101 Crosswalk Bollards

USD $1,172.00

To improve pedestrian safety at light-controlled intersections, Reliance Foundry offers crosswalk bollards. These bollards integrate with the walk signals to show pedestrians green (walk) or red (don’t walk) lights. The lower sightline of these bollard cap lights makes them more noticeable to pedestrians occupied with their cell phones, pets, or other distractions.

The body of the crosswalk bollard is made from polyurethane, a flexible material that allows the bollard to bend upon impact, then bounce back to its original position. Despite its flexibility, the bollard appears to be solid, encouraging drivers to take added caution.

Crosswalk bollards can be placed with one or two bollards at each intersection corner or crosswalk entrance. They use a 24 V DC power supply, and are simple to install or replace if needed.

Qty USD$
1 1,172
2 1,090
3 1,049
4 1,019
5 - 9 993
10 - 24 965
25 - 49 944
50 - 99 909
100 + Call for pricing