R-1009-12-R M50 Removable Crash-Rated Bollards

USD $3,731.00

Reliance Foundry R-1009-12-R ASTM M50 removable crash-rated bollards make public spaces safer by protecting pedestrians and storefronts from vehicle intrusion. Two or more of these security bollards together are certified to ASTM M50 P1, engineered to stop a 15,000-pound vehicle travelling at 50 mph with 3.3 feet penetration. A single bollard will stop the same vehicle in 3.9 feet (P2 rated). Installation is very straightforward with no bolting, tying, or assembly needed. Prefabricated bollards can be placed directly into the excavation; no specialty subgrade required. The bollard can be removed easily by inserting a lifting handle through the top of the bollard and lifting the bollard out of the bollard sleeve using a forklift. Choose from a range of bollard covers to enhance aesthetics.

Qty USD$
1 - 9 3,731
10 - 49 3,631
50 - 99 3,537
100 + Call for pricing