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The Halifax Stanfield International Airport

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In 1960, Canada’s Department of Transport opened the Halifax International Airport to replace the Halifax Civic Airport after its conversion to an army base in 1942. Today, under the Halifax Stanfield International Airport banner, the airport stands as Atlantic Canada’s principal full-service airport, providing access to 28 non-stop destinations and flights via 13 airlines to both passenger and cargo clients.

The airport sees over four-million passengers and transports nearly 35,000 metric tonnes of cargo each year, earning its place as Canada’s sixth largest airport. Since its transfer to the Halifax International Airport Authority (HIAA) in February of 2001, an undergoing Airport Improvement Plan effort has led to the airport winning multiple “Best Airport” awards for passenger satisfaction on both a national and worldwide scale.

In addition to growing threats to airport security around the globe, the HIAA found itself encountering increased vehicle and foot traffic near the airport building, encouraged by the construction of a parkade with 2300 parking spaces, and as such they began looking for a way to protect their clients. “I think we really have to consider the society we live in today,” said Theresa Rath Spicer, spokesperson for the Halifax Stanfield Airport. “Unfortunately, we’re all too well aware of violent acts that are done intentionally. Of course, there’s also things that happen accidentally. We’ve all heard stories about people pressing on the gas instead of pressing on the brake and running through the front of a window[…] So we’re really trying to enhance the security measures for the best interests of everyone.”

The project to secure physical infrastructure included the placement of numerous security cameras around the facility, replacing all glass walls with a shatter-proof alternative, and installation of multiple concrete bollards along the curb of Bell Boulevard, a road that provides drive-up access to both arrival and departure areas of the terminal, in front of airport tunnels and surrounding the parkade. To further enhance these bollards, the HIAA sought our help in creating a bollard cover that would fit their terminal’s facade.

From this collaboration, the R-7341 Stainless Steel Bollard Cover was created and installed on top of Bell Boulevard’s many concrete posts. Crafted from corrosion-resistant grade 316 steel, the R-7341 combines style and functionality, offering protection for security posts and crash rated bollards as large as 10-3/4 inches wide and 30 inches tall while complementing modern infrastructure and aesthetics.

R-7341 Stainless Steel Bollard Cover


31-7/8 in


85 lbs

Base Diameter

12-13/16 in


Stainless Steel 316

Optional Interior Pipe Height Max.

30 in

Optional Interior Pipe Diameter Max.

10-3/4 in

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