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Fenway Park: Securing its Fans

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Fenway Park is one of the most well-known and beloved sports venues in the world. 36,000 people stream in through the gates for each Red Sox game—as fans have done since the park opened, in April of 1912. In Major League Baseball, it is the eldest and most venerated park. Hundreds of employees arrive each game day to sell cotton candy, cracker jacks, and fried dough to celebrating crowds. Tickets sellers, janitorial staff, engineering staff, security, and emergency staff also flow in and out of the park like a tide. Whether they’re arriving for work or play, there are many people to protect at Fenway Park.

Security at such busy stadium is implemented on several levels. Bag checks and metal detectors make sure that no prohibited items enter. Security guards are stationed to catch dangerous behavior inside the walls.

Perimeter protection is another important piece of the security infrastructure. However, perimeter security must be chosen that does not compromise safety. Visitors need to be able to enter and exit unimpeded on regular game days and in the event of an emergency.

To keep both attendees and the venue safe, Fenway installed decorative safety bollards over steel and concrete impact resisting pipes. The R-7539 was chosen as a complement to the ballpark’s historic architecture. To read more and see videos of the installation, please see our post “Security Upgrades to Fenway Park.”



35 in


75 lbs

Body Diameter

5-7/8 in

Base Diameter

10-1/4 in


Ductile Iron

Optional Interior Pipe Height Max.

25 in

Optional Interior Pipe Diameter Max.

4-1/2 in

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