Supporting the future generation of architects, planners, and designers

Bollards in My Community was a scholarship program we hosted in 2014 and 2015 with the goal of supporting future architects, planners, and designers in building vibrant urban spaces. We asked students to submit content describing how bollards contribute to the safety and aesthetic design of urban environments, and awarded $4,000 in scholarships each year to the winners.

The submission videos described how bollards increase safety and control traffic — and simultaneously enhance architectural design. The videos made great use of diverse film styles, music, and statistics, while presenting an impressive array of cityscapes.

Bollards in My Community encouraged students to use their learning and creativity to communicate key design features within local neighborhoods in an engaging way. Reliance Foundry encourages ongoing development in creating safe neighborhoods and comprehensive design for vibrant communities. We hope our contribution promotes learning and innovation within a growing industry.

Bollards in My Community 2015 Winners

Winner: Stefano Unlayao (Mississauga, Ontario)

Stefano Unlayao’s video took us on a fast-paced tour of his hometown to show us some of the many protective applications for bollards in his community. Stefano used awesome special effects throughout a fun and energetic presentation. Congratulations, Stefano!

2nd Place: Pablo Enrique Banuelos (London, Ontario)

Pablo Enrique Banuelos impressed us with his skilled presentation of bollards. He gave great examples of how bollards complement a range of architectural buildings, parks, and streetscapes while also protecting sensitive areas. Pablo also presents a broad range of bollard styles and applications used in other communities around the world.

3rd Place: Rebecca Murrell (Toronto, Ontario)

Rebecca Murrell took us on a journey through Toronto, where she highlighted the benefits of walkability and protected bike areas in Canada’s largest metropolis. With the use of impressive graphic design skills, she presented a strong case for bollards being used to protect vulnerable pedestrians from out-of-control vehicles.

Bollards in My Community 2014 Winners

Winner: Brandon Hill (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Brandon Hill submitted a video taken on his cell phone about bollards in his hometown, Las Vegas. He gives great examples of where they provide protection, but also how the different shapes and sizes complement the architecture.

Brandon is currently doing a double major in finance and entrepreneurship at the University of Utah. Congratulations Brandon!

2nd Place: Meaghan Wilson (Victoria, British Columbia)

Meaghan Wilson submitted an excellent video presentation on how bollards provide aesthetics that reflect the history of her hometown, Victoria, British Columbia, as a British settlement. Her presentation also described the function and utility of bollards that are used outside of the city’s historic core.

3rd Place: Haley Posey (Fort Worth, Texas)

Haley Posey studies at Texas A&M University. She submitted a great video on how bollards prevent vehicles from crashing into buildings. The video explains how bollards highlight the architecture of many buildings in Fort Worth, Texas, while increasing safety at sites where pedestrians and vehicles must share space.