People want to be in healthy, respectful, diverse spaces

Ethics Policy

Reliance Foundry started as a family enterprise based on strong, connected relationships. Our culture today honors these values. Our employees should act with integrity, respect, and courtesy, and choose to do the right thing even when right is not the easiest option. 

Environmental Policy  

Reliance Foundry is committed to making places people want to be. Respect for the environment is a necessary part of this placemaking.  

Our traditional product line consisting of bollards, bike lane bollards, and bicycle parking reflects our commitment to the creation of walkable and bikeable community spaces. New product lines seek to support urban forests and intelligent water management. As we move into digital products, we look to help municipalities become more efficient to reduce energy consumption, improve water management and groundwater return, and support the maintenance of trails and other outdoor spaces. 

The manufacture and distribution of our products does create a carbon footprint. In the past we have responded by making contributions to tree planting campaigns. We seek always to do better and are creating a multi-year plan to become carbon neutral.  

We strive to find environmentally friendly solutions within the daily routine of our business. In office we work on reducing energy consumption and overall waste on a reduce, reuse, and recycle model. We are moving to hybrid models of remote and in-office work for those employees that can, to help reduce the commuting cost and the energy footprint that it leaves.

Reliance Foundry complies with all local environmental legislation and seeks suppliers that do the same.