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Custom Metal Casting and Fabrication Services

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Quality products every time

Reliance Foundry offers first-class quality for all of your metal casting projects. Our expert service ensures that you receive a precision product at exceptional value.

We work with you to determine your product goals, then recommend the most economical materials and production methods to meet them – while never compromising quality or performance.

How To Order

Receive accurate cost and time estimates for your custom casting project.

Request a Quote

Submit project details for an estimate of cost and time.


Answers to common questions for custom metal casting & foundry services.


We work with you to determine product goals and design specifications, while accounting for all costs.

Pattern Development

Strategic pattern development takes into account product specifications and quantities required.


We take care of all manufacturing logistics.


Additional processing may include machining, coating, and/or assembly.

Shipping and Warehousing

We arrange delivery to your specified location. Inventory management and warehousing services are also available.


We establish on-site manufacturing standards and conduct our own quality assurance and NDT (non-destructive testing) procedures to ensure your specifications are met.

Material Selection

We look at a range of options to ensure ideal performance and value.


We send initial product samples to ensure satisfaction before moving to formal production.


Our services include a range of heat treatments for performance-specific applications.


We prepare and package all products to protect them during transport and storage.

Import Logistics

We can manage all documentation, costs and processes required for cross-border shipping.


Please provide engineered drawings and specifications of the parts you are requesting, including (but not limited to) all dimensions, stress/load requirements, machining requirements, and NDT requirements.

Drawing files should be sent to [email protected].


Weight estimates are used to calculate costs for sourcing materials, processing and shipping. Inaccurate estimates may lead to discrepancies between estimated and actual costs.


Unless otherwise specified, prices are quoted for rough (bare metal, un-machined, un-painted) castings free of gates, risers and extra metal.

Please indicate any secondary processing (machining, specialized heat treating, coatings, etc.) required.


Include both quantities for the initial run and long-term estimates. Future volume affects pattern development, as different pattern materials are more suitable for longer-term, high-quantity runs.


Please provide information on when products will be required and the intended shipping destination; we can offer freight pricing directly to your location. Requests that do not include a shipping destination will be quoted ExWorks according to Incoterms 2010, available for pick-up from our warehouse in Surrey, BC, Canada.

Please note that production runs for new parts can run up to 24 weeks. Subsequent production runs require significantly less time, often under 14 weeks. Small shipment demands can be accommodated in shorter periods.

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