Versatile ornamental bollards for changing vehicle access

Decorative bollards with removable mountings are an attractive way to manage mixed-use spaces—places that are sometimes pedestrian-only, and sometimes allow vehicle traffic. Made of strong steel, ductile iron, or aluminum, these bollards are powder-coated for a fine protective finish. Standard or premium mountings can be chosen depending on access needs. Once these mountings are installed, bollards can be unlocked and stored to create a thoroughfare or locked into place to prevent vehicle access. Read more

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Aluminum Bollards For Lightweight Options

Many decorative bollards are made of classic ductile iron or cast steel, metals that produce substantial, heavy traffic posts. For locations where weight would be a drawback, decorative aluminum bollards capture the aesthetic of more traditional metals at a fraction of the mass. As a highly-castable metal, design details are captured in aluminum with the same precision as with our iron and steel lines. Aluminum is also highly resistant to corrosion, making it suited for long-term use. View All Aluminium Bollards

Mounting Options For Decorative Bollards

Premium or standard mountings are available for removable bollard installation.

Premium removable mountings

Premium removable mountings are installed below ground for the most secure bollard placement. When bollards are removed, receivers fully retract to avoid obstruction.

Standard removable mountings

Standard removable mountings can be surface-installed in new or existing concrete. Bolt-down versions of these mountings can be moved if needed, when perimeter needs change. Although they are low enough for a vehicle to drive over, they can also be removed with the bollard to remove any surface hazard.

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Powder-coating For Protection And Shine

All decorative bollards come powdercoated to protect from corrosion and wear. Powder-coat creates a richly colored finish that stands up to the elements, being more resistant to fading, chipping, or scratching than painted surfaces. Powder coating is easy to maintain, and should a bollard need re-surfacing, can be burned off and reapplied easily—leaving a like-new surface. Select from standard colors or color-match to custom palettes. View Powder-Coating Maintenance

Simple, Attractive Solutions For Mixed-use Sites

Removable decorative bollards can be chosen to accentuate existing site designs while maintaining the versatility of open spaces.

Flexible spaces are useful for sites dealing with changes in traffic volume, seasonal use, or special events. Removable bollards support multi-purpose use of space. For example, a row of removable bollards might section off pedestrian walkways or outdoor patio space in summer, but be removed in the winter, to provide additional parking. Parking lots can be used for more than just car storage: where weekly farmers markets or other regular outdoor events are planned, a row of removable bollards will close the parking lot to car traffic and open it up to new economic or social benefits.

Role-specific access levels can also be given with removable bollards. A removable bollard allows emergency, maintenance, or delivery vehicles special entrance to pedestrian areas.