Control vehicle access to restricted locations with removable bollards

Removable bollards are ideal for locations with changing access needs. Install bollards to control entry to restricted laneways, parks, and other outdoor spaces during off-hours, while preserving sightlines and unobstructed pedestrian flow. Easily remove bollards to allow temporary passage of service, delivery, or emergency vehicles, or increase accessibility of plazas, parking lots, and other spaces for seasonal or event use. Removable bollards are secured in-ground via embedded receivers, minimizing obstruction when removed. Bollards lock into place to prevent tampering or theft. Many bollards can also be designed or equipped with annular rings or lifting handles for convenient handling during removal and transport. Select from a range of models and styles to suit any site or application. Read more

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Weather-resistant Materials

Powder coated steel bollards

Powder coating produces a thick and durable finish that resists abrasion and won’t crack, chip, or peel. Electrostatically-charged powders completely cover surfaces. The final layer of sealing resin will neither run nor sag, protecting the steel from damage and corrosion more completely than paint or other finishes that can have pinhole-sized discontinuities.

Powder coat is offered in 6 color options. View Color Options

Stainless steel bollards

Stainless steel has a passive film upon its surface that makes it naturally resistant to corrosion and wear. High-quality (grade 316) stainless steel offers the greatest resistance to corrosion of common stainless grades, even in high-saline environments. The bright, reflective surface of stainless steel makes it a good choice as a modern architectural accent.

Locking mounts made from galvanized or stainless steel

Removable mountings are available in galvanized and stainless steel. Galvanized steel features a protective, anti-corrosion coating. Stainless steel mounts are useful in highly saline environments, including those near the ocean or dealing with the de-icing chemicals of winter climates. View High Quality 316 Grade Stainless Steel

Semi-permanent Traffic “Channelizing”

Traffic cones and plastic delineators are known as traffic channelizing devices. They are usually used to mark a site for a short time, often while construction is being done, but these orange plastic posts are sometimes pressed to longer term applications, where they grow ragged and are often knocked out of place. Removable bollards are ideal for mixed-use spaces which intermittently allow traffic across a perimeter, as they are more durable and more attractive.

In public squares and plazas, these traffic posts can be used to create space for events and festivals or be removed to allow parking or emergency vehicle access. Careful planning of removable bollard placement allows a site to create seasonal opportunities. In some cities, entire blocks are switched from pedestrian use to vehicle use and back again, as the seasons change. An individual site manager might remove bollards to offer parking in the winter, replacing them in the spring to create an outdoor patio. View the Art of Placemaking

Secure, Lockable Mounting Options

Embedded receivers with hinged lids

Hinged lids cover receivers when the bollard is removed and act as a lockable fastener when the bollard is in place. Lids close flush to the ground so they will not be a tripping hazard. When lockable bollards are in place, a pin on the bollard threads through the lid and is padlocked to prevent tampering and theft.

Embedded receivers with chains

Chains and padlocks fasten bollards securely to their embedded receivers. When bollards are removed, chains can be stored inside receivers and concealed with a protective cover to prevent tripping. View Embedded Recievers

Bike Parking Options

Many models allow for the addition of bike parking arms. A vehicle parking space in the winter could be turned into an active bike parking corral in spring and summer with the addition of removable bike parking bollards. A removable bike bollard can also be placed in an area that may need variable access; for example, near a delivery bay. Bike-locking arms are also useful as handles on removable bollards, aiding in installation and removal. View Bike Parking Bollards