Tough bollards guide traffic and minimize collision damage

Polyurethane flexible bollards are rugged traffic posts, designed to bend without losing shape, ripping off, or cracking. Their substantial profile demands notice: they look like metal bollards at first glance, and drivers avoid hitting them. Yet, when struck, these bollards repeatedly flex up to 90 degrees, causing no damage to bollard or vehicle. Read more

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R-8351 Flexible Bollard

CAD $289.00


$289 or less

Material: Polyurethane
Height: 40"

R-8352 Flexible Bollard

CAD $264.00

R-8352 ( Discontinued)

$298 $264 or less

Material: Polyurethane
Height: 40"

Flexible Bollards Offer Highly Visible, Durable Protection

Ranging from 31.5–40 inches high and 3–4 inches in diameter, and available in six colors, flexible bollards stand out in the streetscape. Optional reflective tape in four available colors can be added to the top of the bollards for even more of a visual pop. When compared to traffic cones or slender plastic delineators on spring hinges, sturdy flexible bollards provide a longer-term solution. They will not be as easily damaged or pulled out of place in high-traffic areas, saving time and money over the course of their lifetimes. View Color Options

A Solution For Protected Bike Lanes, Parking Stops, And Lane Separators

Flexible bollards are especially useful in tight situations and high-traffic areas, where minor collisions often occur. A flexible bollard at the end of a parking stall is a visible stop that will neither be damaged nor do damage to vehicles that bump it. In parking garages and on ramps with tight turns, flexible bollards are excellent traffic separators, keeping most drivers on their appointed paths while allowing large freight trucks to drive over them during lane-spanning turns.

Increasingly, urban planners are searching for ways to create protected bike lanes that allow emergency vehicle access to curbside. Thick flexible bollards are hard for motorists to ignore, as they cause a loud thump on contact, but the bollards flex out of the way when an ambulance or fire truck must reach the sidewalk.

Tough Polyurethane Construction

Durable and flexible polyurethane plastic is often used as a plastic substitute for rubber, because it has higher abrasion, cut, and tear resistance. In bendable bollards, the thick polyurethane is tested as able to withstand complete 90-degree flexion to 50 impacts, and partial 45-degree flexion to 500 impacts. Cast polyurethane offers reliable mechanical properties throughout the uniform bollard body.

One of the benefits to this material is how vividly it can be colored throughout. Any scratches, scrapes or dents will show minimally. All bollards have UV protection to minimize fading in sunlight. View Polyurethane Plastic

Easy Fixed Or Removable Installation

Flexible bollards can be installed with fixed or removable mounting hardware.

For fixed installations, bollards can be embedded in new concrete or bolted onto existing concrete surfaces. Removable mounting hardware is always installed into fresh poured concrete. These receivers have a locking mechanism, and when unlocked, the bollard may be removed for storage.

See individual item pages for installation options. View All Flexible Bollards with Removable Mounts