Decorative Bollards

Style shouldn’t be sacrificed for safety. Decorative bollards are available in a range of materials and designs to complement any architectural style—from classical or historical buildings to modern commercial spaces. Various styles, from simple to ornate, are available to suit any public or private outdoor environment. Six powder coating color options are available for all decorative bollards to increase visibility or complement surrounding color schemes. View Color Options

Decorative Bollard Materials

To ensure long service life with minimal maintenance, decorative bollards are made from quality materials. All ductile iron, steel and aluminum bollards feature powder coatings to ensure lasting durability against weathering and use.

Ductile iron

Unlike standard cast iron, which is highly brittle and susceptible to cracking, ductile iron offers excellent strength, hardness, and resilience to wear, making it more suitable for site furnishing applications. Ductile iron is highly castable, allowing for intricate patterns and ornamentation.


Steel bollards are made from fabricated steel, customized to suit a range of ornamental and security applications. Due to its strength and durability, steel is one of the most widely used building materials worldwide. With proper care, it has an extremely long lifespan. Oversize models are especially suitable for large, high-impact steel pipe applications.


Aluminum is a lightweight material ideal for removable bollard configurations. Reliance Foundry uses a tempered, low-density alloy that provides an ideal balance of ductility and hardness. Natural corrosion resistance ensures bollards look their best in demanding environments.