Corner Guards

Corner and wall guards prevent accidents and minimize damage

Protective corner guards can be added to wall corners, warehouse racking, and more to protect your facility, equipment, and personnel. Safety-patterned rubber offers increased visibility and economical protection for low-impact areas. Cast iron, heavy-duty corner guards provide decorative, functional, high-impact security. Read more


$22 or less

Material: Recycled Rubber Composite
Length: 31-1/2"
Width: 3-3/4"


$26 or less

Material: Recycled Rubber Composite
Length: 31-3/8"
Width: 4-7/8"
CAD $39.00


$39 or less

Material: Recycled Rubber Composite
Length: 39-3/8"
Width: 6"

R-8844 Corner Bollard Extension

$331 or less

Length: 24"
Width: 12"

R-8845 Corner Bollard

$389 or less

Length: 24"
Width: 12"

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Corner and wall guards serve as a visible caution to prevent accidents, and minimize damage for any accidents that occur. They are ideal for parking lots, factories, warehouse interiors, loading docks, and more.

Simple Installation

Rubber corner and wall guards can be quickly installed by one person, with no specialized training or equipment required. Heavy-duty corner bollards can be embedded into new concrete for added structural security or bolted into the wall for surface protection.

High-quality Materials

We offer both corner and wall guards made from high-impact rubber. They are designed for rugged durability, even after multiple impacts, and limit damage to both the wall and the equipment.

Our classic corner protectors are made from cast iron. These are designed for maximum strength protection with an attractive design. Corner bollards are often placed on exteriors to protect vulnerable stonework or inside factories and warehouses to protect against industrial machines.

High Visibility

Rubber corner and wall guards feature highly-reflective tape—increasing visibility for drivers, especially at night. Reflective guards prevent collisions by increasing obstacle awareness. Heavy cast iron protectors also create added visibility with their weight and curving profile.

Competitive And Convenient Purchasing

We offer a range of products in our online catalog with detailed price lists and volume discounts. All mounting hardware is included in the listed prices.

You can request a formal quote, including all shipping costs, directly through our website. Questions? Contact our knowledgeable sales staff at any time.