Bollard Covers


$182 or less

Post Cover
Material: Plastic (HDPE)
Height: 52"
Max Interior Pipe Diameter: 6-5/8"


$154 or less

Post Cover
Material: Plastic (HDPE)
Height: 64"
Max Interior Pipe Diameter: 4-1/2"

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Decorative Covers

Decorative metal bollard covers are designed with a range of projects and architectural styles in mind. For buildings and landscapes with strong visual designs, choose decorative covers with classical architectural design to provide security without detracting from the surroundings. View All Decorative Covers

Plastic Bollard Sleeves

Plastic bollard covers are lightweight and so are very simple to install. Ten different color options offer visibility and safety to high traffic areas. They protect posts against scrapes and vehicles against paint-transfer. Plastic is an economical option available in a range of heights and widths. View All Plastic Bollard Sleeves

Stainless Steel Covers

Stainless steel offers a sleek and stylish modern look, echoing the glass and steel look of contemporary design. High-grade 316 stainless steel offers the best corrosion resistance, even in tough marine and winter environments. View All Stainless Steel Covers

Crash-rated Bollard Covers

Covers suited to crash-rated or security bollards are available in stainless steel, plastic, steel, and ductile iron. Prevent corrosion and reduce maintenance with sleeves in decorative or functional styles. Protect the bollards that protect your site. View All Crash Rated Bollard Covers