Discover AC Lighted Bollards for Consistent, Maintenance-Free Lighting

Designed for resilience, our hardwired lighted bollards deliver unmatched lighting and robust perimeter security, even in the most challenging site and weather conditions. Utilizing a bulb-less, maintenance-free design, these bollards seamlessly integrate wherever wired power is available, ensuring constant illumination without interruptions. Read more

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R-6464 Auralux Lighted Bollard

USD $1,291.00

R-6464 Auralux

$1291 or less

AC Lighted
Material: Stainless Steel
Height: 35-13/16"

Crafted for Reliable Lighting Performance

AC lighted bollards are adept at illuminating pathways, plazas, and parking areas, ensuring both perimeter security and clear wayfinding after sunset. Our range includes compact models, ideal for gardens and residential spaces. With robust steel or aluminum caps, they’re designed to resist even the harshest environmental conditions. Users can trust in their precision and consistent lighting output, regardless of the setting or season.

Illuminate the Way in Harsh Conditions

In environments where solar power might falter, hardwired bollard lights offer consistent, powerful illumination. They thrive in challenging site or weather conditions, ensuring well-lit perimeters wherever wired power is present. Beyond their functional prowess, our line of lit bollards boasts a premium aesthetic, seamlessly elevating the ambiance of any surrounding space.