Two strips of tactile paving at the bottom of a two- directional ramp warn of changes in both directions.

Tenji Blocks

Tenji is the word for a Japanese system of braille. Tenji block could therefore be translated as “braille block.” These embedded plates allow people to read the environment

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Speed humps ahead sign

Are Speed Humps Effective?

Speed is the primary factor in most vehicle accidents—increasing both risk and severity. As drivers move faster, they have less time to respond to road conditions and any resulting collision causes more damage. To counter the problem of speeding, municipalities can choose from a number of

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Skyscrapers reflect the images of a forest of trees

Urban Sustainability

Sustainability seeks to bring resource consumption and resource replenishment into balance, like a budget that keeps balance sheets in the black. We look at strategies that cities are using to help create a more sustainable, livable future.

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A bollard with a thick cannon-shaped base and a ringed cap sits outside a new building

Residential Bollards

The difference between commercial-grade bollards and the bollards at Home Depot can be confusing. Sometimes light-duty bollards are all you need. See when commercial-grade bollards are appropriate for the home-owner or residential construction firm—as driveway barriers, lighting bollards, and more.

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