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Bollards Add to Historic Ambience at Ballpark that Forever Changed Baseball

A row of Reliance Foundry’s model R-7539 bollards stands outside the Oriole Store at Oriole park at Camden Yards.

Reliance Foundry’s signature bollard covers play a role in maintaining retro-classic design outside Oriole Park

A row of Reliance Foundry’s model R-7539 bollards stands outside the Oriole Store at Oriole park at Camden Yards.

Traffic and crowd control devices often detract from architecture. This was the challenge presented to the architects that were tasked with designing upgrades to the walkway, known as Eutaw Street, outside Major League Baseball’s first retro-classic ballpark in the fall of 2012. Oriole Park was celebrating its 20th anniversary and showcasing the historically-styled architecture that had made it a fan favourite. The challenge came in the form of unadorned, steel bollards that increased safety on the walkway yet contrasted with the retro-classic design.

Opened in 1992, Oriole Park at Camden yards is known as the ballpark that forever changed baseball. At a time when most parks were being designed in an all-encompassing oval shape to host multiple events and functions, Oriole Park was designed with only baseball in mind. It was constructed in an asymmetrical, old fashioned form that catered solely to baseball. Its architecture brings back memories of baseball’s early days and this made preserving architectural form on Eutaw Street a top priority. Modern bollards composed of cement and steel would help to protect fans converging on the stadium but they would clash with the ball park’s traditional ambience.

Reliance Foundry’s model R-7539 bollards are shown on Eutaw Street with Oriole Park’s bleacher seats shown in the background.

“We are often contacted by architects that have concerns about installing delineation markers on sites where an historic design integrity must be maintained,” says Rick Pasternak, Sales Manager at Reliance Foundry; “The solution our company offers is traditional looking, ductile iron bollards that can be installed overtop of unattractive steel or cement posts.”

The architects tasked with designing the upgrades to Eutaw Street chose Reliance Foundry’s model R-7539 bollard to add ornamentation to the unattractive cement and steel posts. The signature bollard in Reliance Foundry’s catalogue, the model R-7539 is composed of ductile iron and brings a time-honored feel to streetscapes. It features a fluted base with a ball-shaped cap that compliments traditional architecture. The architects contracted the Baltimore-based, Waverly Construction and Management Company to perform the install.

Model R-7539 bollards by Reliance Foundry are shown on a section of Eutaw Street that runs parallel to the outfield at Oriole Park.

Waverly employed a variation on Reliance Foundry’s standard security mounting method to perform the installation. In the standard installation method, the bollard is secured over the security post by drilling a 3⅜” hole into the post’s cement interior and inserting a threaded rod. The Waverly Construction Company slightly altered the standard mounting method by using their own custom-built, stainless steel threaded rods. After the threaded rods were secured, the bollards were set over the posts and threaded rods and fastened with washers and nuts. The caps were then connected to the shafts with set screws to create seamless, architectural highlights on the retro classic streetscape. The bollards were installed in the fall of 2012 and, so far, they have stood up well.

“Our clients are happy; the bollard covers did their job” reports Ed Burnich, Project Manager at Waverly Construction. “Reliance Foundry met their promised delivery time and we’re happy.”

Reliance Foundry’s ductile iron bollards can be installed over both new and existing security posts or in standalone, decorative applications. Reliance bollards have been installed at many prominent locations across North America to integrate traffic and crowd control with historic architectural design. They are available in a wide array of styles, ranging from classic to contemporary and they offer an exceptionally long service life.

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Reliance Foundry would like to thank the Baltimore Orioles and Waverly Construction for their business and their support in producing this blog posting.

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