A building finished in painted steel sheets

Galvannealed Steel

While there are many different grades of steel in a variety of finishes, one that stands out is the satin finish of galvannealed steel. The combination of galvanization and annealing not only produces a sleek, matte finish, but also provides a range of functional benefits that make it a preferred choice in a variety of industries.

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A bright yellow bollard is highly visible in a parking lot full of cars

Safety Bollards

While cars play an essential role in our daily lives, there’s a need to balance the convenience they bring with the safety of pedestrians and property. Safety bollards play a critical role in modern urban planning, providing a protective barrier that helps prevent accidents and potential harm.

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A stainless steel garbage bin in a park

Waste Management in Parks

Implementing effective waste management programs provides an opportunity to transform public spaces. Beyond waste disposal, these initiatives are proving to be game changers, bringing a variety of benefits across social, economic, and environmental fronts.

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Reliance Foundry R-7902 removable bollards connected using fencing as line control.

Enhancing Line Control

Line control is a critical aspect of ensuring a smooth and organized flow of visitors at entertainment venues, stadiums, and other popular establishments. There is a growing trend of utilizing bollards as effective tools for managing entry lines, both indoors and out.

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An image of a Reliance bike rack installed in a common space at an office.

Bike Racks for Indoor Spaces

As the popularity of cycling continues to surge, the demand for adequate bike parking solutions has become paramount. While outdoor bike racks have been commonplace, indoor spaces are now also being considered as viable locations for accommodating bicycles. In this article, we will delve into the advantages and disadvantages of installing bike racks in indoor spaces.

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Crosswalk Safety

An essential component of creating walkable, livable cities is guaranteeing the safety of pedestrians, so they can move around their surroundings safely and with confidence. One safety measure that can make a significant difference in intersection safety is the crosswalk bollard.

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Reliance Foundry retractable bollards protecting a car lot.

Car Dealership Security

In recent years, Canada has experienced a disturbing surge in auto crime, particularly in places like Ontario and Quebec. Considering this upward trend, it is crucial that auto dealerships take proactive steps to protect their inventory from theft. This includes implementing advanced security measures such as surveillance cameras, security guards, and alarm systems, as well as physical barriers such as bollards.

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An image of Reliance Foundry’s Cincinnati Trash Can

Municipal Waste Bin Accessibility

Proper garbage management is essential for the health and safety of any community and should be accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. While the ADA has implemented accessibility guidelines for forward and side reach ranges and has various guidelines around floor space and trash can placement in restrooms, which can be applied to garbage bins in public spaces, it has not established requirements specific to public garbage bin accessibility.

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An image of multiple bike racks in front of a stone retaining wall

The History of Bike Racks

Bike racks were first used in the 19th century when bicycles were becoming a more popular method of transportation in cities. Early designs often secured only one wheel and offered only a few basic styles, most commonly either a simple ladder style, or a grooved concrete block to hold the front wheel in place.

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