An image of multiple bike racks in front of a stone retaining wall

The History of Bike Racks

Bike racks were first used in the 19th century when bicycles were becoming a more popular method of transportation in cities. Early designs often secured only one wheel and offered only a few basic styles, most commonly either a simple ladder style, or a grooved concrete block to hold the front wheel in place.

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Two automatic bollards in a pedestrian zone with people in the background

A Guide to Automatic Bollards

The use of automatic bollards as a dynamic means of controlling vehicle access to restricted areas has increased in popularity as the technology that drives them becomes more sophisticated and reliable. Automatic bollards provide a more versatile option for creating site barriers, particularly in dynamic environments.

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El acero se fabrica en fundiciones y acerías

¿Cómo se fabrica el acero?

El acero está omnipresente en la construcción, la industria y la fabricación. Los productos de acero se fabrican en fábricas y fundiciones. Una variedad de procesos crea aleaciones específicas para sus aplicaciones. Eche un vistazo a los fundamentos de la producción, química y uso del acero.

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Fixing Bollard Coatings

As the majority of our products are installed outdoors, and/or in high-traffic areas, dings and scrapes are inevitable. Traditional finishes such as paint or powder coating are made with resins, meaning they are porous and easily scratched. 

IronArmor is a breakthrough innovation that changes the way outdoor metal products can be finished and protected, keeping installations looking new for longer. 

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