Un porte-bagages reste enchaîné à une clôture après qu'un voleur eu volé le vélo

Vol de Bicyclettes: Se Défendre

La moitié de tous les cyclistes actifs se feront voler leurs bicyclettes. Ce délit sous-déclaré et sous-condamné coûte aux cyclistes américains, selon les estimations, un demi-milliard de dollars par année. Voici ce que font certaines organisations et certains cyclistes pour se défendre.

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Resin-coated sand cores with five columns on a formed handle and base are ready for iron casting.

Core-making in the Foundry

How does a foundry create chambers inside the body of a metal casting? Cores are the answer: densely packed sand that stays solid until shakeout. Great design is necessary to float the cores through the center of the mold. Learn more about core-making in the foundry.

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Two black outdoor bicycle racks of post and ring style stand on pavement beside a lawn

Post and Ring Bike Racks

Looking for a small-footprint, stylish outdoor bike rack? Post and ring racks are cyclist recommended because they secure two bicycles with two points of contact against the frame. See how sustainability can be a design feature at your site.

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A pile of different sized green and yellow olivine crystals sits on a plain background

Foundry Sand

Molding sand is at the heart of the sand casting process. It must hold a shape well and capture the fine details of a casting, yet be permeable enough to allow gases to escape. Under the strain of having the molding pattern removed from it, or while it is filled, it cannot crumble or sink on itself. When it is turned upside down it must not lose its form: the parts of a mold have to stay true while clamped together.

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A man dressed in a silver protective suit pours red-hot metal into a mold

Sand Casting Your Product

Sand casting is the most common form of casting for ferrous metals (all metals that contain iron), with more than 70% of worldwide production of ferrous castings being made in foundry sand. Watch this basic process turn molten metals into everyday objects.

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A mold cavity for a complex casting is pressed into the grey color sand in the swing of a vertical mold

11 Metal Casting Methods

Metal casting is the process of pouring molten metal into a shaped space so that it will cool and harden in that form. For many items, this process can be less expensive than machining the part out of a piece of solid metal. Even though the idea behind it seems singular and simple, there are many ways foundries cast objects. How they make a metal casting mold will depend on the metals used, the size of the run, and the shape, symmetry, and complexity of the casting.

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Investment casting drawing with ruler and pencil lying on top

Rapid Prototyping and the Foundry

A designer, entrepreneur, or inventor gets an idea and begins the process to bring it to life. At first the idea is made of sketches and plans, research and design, but the designer’s focus is toward creating a physical object. There is no replacement for holding a mockup or prototype and seeing a vision come to life. Prototyping allows the designer to have confidence in their idea, work out production flaws, and woo investors or clients.

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A luggage rack is left chained to a fence after a thief collected the bike

Fighting Back against Bike Theft

Cities across North America are promoting ecology and health through sustainable transportation. Integrated bike lanes and transit networks promote cycling as an inexpensive, fun, and active way to get around. Such infrastructure can help with congestion, bring more people to street level retail, and enliven a local community. The League of American Bicyclists shows a 51% growth in bicycle commuting from 2000 to 2016. All the investment in infrastructure is making a difference.

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Bollards on downtown street with neon lights

Balancing Security and Appeal in Urban Planning

When it comes to urban development and planning, communities are managing competing goals. On one hand, the public square is having a renaissance. Research confirms that pedestrian-friendly streets and walkable neighborhoods make for healthy, attractive cities. Vibrant streetscapes engage people to walk, play, eat, and shop, which lead to many benefits. Walking promotes

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Large sheltered bike parking facility

The Essential Guide to Bike Parking

As society shifts towards sustainable living, a cleaner alternative to automobile commuting is gaining traction. Cycling offers benefits that surpass driving on many levels—an economically and environmentally sound option that helps people to fulfill health and fitness goals. While cycling proves to be an excellent

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