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12 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for Industrial Designers

Find new ideas, straight from the minds of Twitter’s best

Until the onset of industrialization in our society, humans primarily operated in the form of agricultural economies. Medieval Europe, for example, found as much as 80% of its working laborers working in subsistence farms to produce means of survival for the rest of the population. Manufacturing was typically undertaken by individual craftsmen, who in addition to creating a product, would determine its form based on their own skill and the requirements of clients.

It wasn’t until the mid-18th century, during the first Industrial Revolution, that saw a strong shift of focus from rural work to industrial labor. The proceeding Second Industrial Revolution, which saw advances such as the invention of the internal combustion engine and the harnessing of electricity, led to an increase of productivity and invention of the assembly line, which allowed manufacturers to create products faster and with less labor needed.

Today, products are created for mass production by industrial designers, who determine and define a product’s form and features using a mix of creativity and scientific decision making. And unlike before, when trade information and secrets were passed down from master to apprentice, public forums such as Twitter allow industrial designers to share ideas for inspiration and discussion.

Whether you’re looking for new ideas, theoretical discussions, or anything else, the following accounts are twelve of our favorite must-follow industrial designers on Twitter.

Karim Rashid (@karim_design)

DIGITAL NATURE INSTALLATION #designedbykarim won the first ECC Design Award at the Venice Biennale 2016 #artinstallation #spatialinstallation #laminatedesign #interiordesign #abetlaminate #digipop #infosethics

— karim rashid (@karim_design) September 16, 2022

Cultural Shaper. Visionary. These are words that can be used to describe Karim Rashid’s career. One of the most prolific designers of this generation, Karim has over 4,000 designs in production, winning over 300 awards across 40 countries for his work.

His twitter feed is full of interesting designs, ranging from furniture to buildings, and his use of fun, bright colors and wild forms speak volumes when it comes to his ability to create something from outside the box.

James Thomas (@JCTdesign/@james_c_thomas)

Check out the latest issue of @FLD_mag… featuring my @ProgressLtg Spoke LED chandelier on the cover!

— James | JCTdesign (@JCTdesign) September 12, 2022

James Thomas is a product designer in the lighting industry, and his passions for a variety of subjects carry themselves over to his incredible abilities. His designs range from traditional to modern, and everything in between, but don’t stop at lighting products. With deep enthusiasm for cycling, architecture, sustainability, and more, James has created interesting and unique designs for bicycles (some with atypical materials such as plywood), table fans, and even ceiling fan remotes.

HY William Chan (@HYWilliamChan)

#BetterFuturesForum: As a @BetterFuturesAU Champion, I’m harnessing the power of our #cities to drive a more resilient society for future generations.

Be part of the #climatechange solution. This is our moment to shape an ambitious climate agenda:

— Cr HY William Chan (@HYWilliamChan) September 4, 2022

HY William Chan currently acts as an independent councilor with the City of Sydney, championing sustainability and social inclusion in his community. However, his list of achievements spans far beyond the norm.

Formerly a city planner with a hand in designing Olympic stadiums, metro transit systems, and even city masterplans, Chan’s innovative ideas showcase what the future of cities could look like; addressing modern issues such as housing availability, smart infrastructure, and even the upcycling of plastic waste from refugee camps. As such, it should come as no surprise that he has shared his expertise with organizations from the UN General Assembly to the TEDx stage, featuring alongside young activist Greta Thunberg for TED’s 2020 podcast series.

Lane Samata (@LaneSamata)

Pipe Dream – Made some Dalle visuals for an industrial adult playground

— lane samata (@LaneSamata) September 8, 2022

With experience in consultancy for industries including furniture, home goods, electronics, and more, Brooklyn-based industrial designer Lane Samata’s affinity for fun, thoughtful design and problem solving shine through in her designs.

Today, Lane works as a freelance designer, and her twitter feed is full of her work, passion projects, and influences. One of her latest urban planning concepts – an adult-specific playground – showcases her ability to combine her prowess in industrial design with her penchant for fun, while many of her posts look back at designs from the past with a curious eye.

Spencer Nugent (@dailysketches)

Drawing and Sketching – AMA

— Spencer Nugent (@dailysketches) August 5, 2022

Creator of Sketch a Day, a website full of material including instructional videos and sketching tutorials, Spencer Nugent uses his twitter feed to share his latest efforts amidst a healthy dose of humor. You can also find him on TikTok, where he creates interesting short form content involving his sketches.

Make sure to join him for one of his live sessions, which usually includes sketching while talking about anything from design to general life topics.

Brett Hooper (@BrettHooper63)

Apple cult members want an iPhone UI in their car? Here is our design for Mercedes 8 years ago. Analogue mixed with touch screens. You cannot have only touchscreens. Honda learned that the hard way…

— Brett Hooper: Industrial Designer (@BrettHooper63) September 3, 2022

With 20+ years of experience as an industrial designer and a former professorship in Industrial Design at Carleton University, Brett Hooper’s skillset is well developed in the fields of mechanical and automotive design, package design, branding and marketing.

Brett’s twitter feed is filled with food-for-thought that is accessible not only to those in the field, but those with little familiarity as well, ranging from the history of product design and the comparison of old user experiences with the new, to tips for both rookie and veteran industrial designers looking for help or inspiration.

Sam Gwilt (@sam_does_design)

It’s been so long since I’ve posted a YouTube video! Here’s an update…

Industrial Designer Summer: Where Have I Been? via @YouTube

— Sam Gwilt (@sam_does_design) August 29, 2022

In addition to his award-winning work as an industrial designer and product visualizer, Sam Gwilt realized in 2018 that he had more to say than could fit in a single post on Instagram. As such, he began creating content in order to communicate with designers on a much broader scale.

His videos include breakdowns of his design process, including tutorials and walk-throughs, as well as his own thoughts on the world of design and unique tips for rookie designers.

Benjamin Guedj (@BenGuedj)

Digital furniture from the Cyber Loft @oncyber #comingsoon #bureaubenjamin

— Benjamin Guedj (@BenGuedj) May 4, 2022

Beginning with a career in graphic design, Benjamin Guedj desires to imagine “objects that come to life in an accessible place.” His high-end furniture brand, Bureau Benjamin, released their first product titled LA MERINGUE, a feminine lamp built around noble and innovative materials.

In addition to his work in the physical world, he also has expanded his interest into the metaverse. In collaboration with OnCyber, a concept for a virtual loft featuring NFT art was realized, and you can now create your own on OnCyber’s website.

Mitch Goldstein (@mgoldst)

new article from @RIT_artdesign about me and furniture, writing, and curiosity:

— Mitch Goldstein (@mgoldst) September 20, 2022

An Associate Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of Design, Mitch Goldstein has built 15 years of experience teaching design at various higher-education institutions, as well as designing projects himself.

His twitter feed is full of inspiration for designers of all levels, as he consistently pulls from his own experience to provide insightful comments and threads on design. It is also full of great humorous takes on design theories and concepts.

Michael DiTullo (@Michael_DiTullo)

“Be the person who opens the door for someone who is different than you” – Ayako Takase @ayakoturbo at the @IDSA @IntlDesignConf this morning.

— Michael DiTullo (@Michael_DiTullo) September 12, 2022

Regarding the future, Michael DiTullo sees it as something that should be “friendly, fun, and optimistic.” Having worked on industry leading designs for companies such as Nike, Google and Frog Design, Michael utilizes his 20+ years of experience in the industry to provide invaluable information. On his Twitter, you’ll find an in-depth look into his work, alongside an expert eye on news from across the industry.

Astro Studios (@astrostudios)

Our #design experts Brett Lovelady and Richard Watson & engineering expert Gerhard Pawelka share best practices on reinvigorating a company’s approach to design. @CooperPerkins @_Essential @AstroStudios

— PA Consulting (@PA_Consulting) August 9, 2021

With clients ranging from Apple to Pepsi, chances are you’ve encountered something designed by Astro Studios in your liftetime. They’ve operated in San Francisco and Silicon Valley for over 25 years, and their track record places them in nearly every consumer industry available. They constantly post on platforms such as Medium their own blog with thought-provoking topics rooted across all industries, and their Twitter feed can be a constant source of inspiration for those with interest.

frog design (@frogdesign)

@madeof_air developed a revolutionary new carbon-negative material. Learn how we worked closely to reflect the venture’s business objectives at each phase of research and design.

— frog (@frogdesign) September 16, 2022

Founded in 1969 by Hartmut Esslinger in Germany, frog design’s early products include Sony’s Trinitron television receiver, Walkmans, and Apple computers. Today, frog remains one of the world’s most sought-after design consultancies. Aiming to create a “regenerative” future that is sustainable and inclusive, and working with successful companies in nearly every industry, the content that frog produces varies wildly but their expertise shines through consistently.

From the twelve accounts above, you should be able to gain a plethora of information and inspiration when it comes to your designs. Don’t forget to follow Reliance Foundry on Twitter for regular updates coming from our company, ranging from new designs to community initiatives.

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