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Smart Waste Management 

A Levaware sensor installed in a Cincinnati waste bin

Track waste and recycling capacities easily using Levaware Waste

Municipalities must keep their cities livable, accessible, and safe for citizens, while confronting the needs of burgeoning populations and broader environmental responsibilities. A contributing factor to aesthetics, safety, and ecological impact, waste management is a vital component of creating a habitable space. 

To make this easier, smart city devices combined with machine learning open a world of smart-management possibilities to find and implement efficiencies throughout the system, saving time and fuel while allowing you to provide greater service to your community. Here at Reliance Foundry, in partnership with our sister company Citysage, we’ve created a platform that allows municipalities to “sense anywhere.” Using dynamic remote monitoring, our sensors and platform give you the ability to know the city like your residents and work crews do—and take action. 

A Levaware sensor installed in a Cincinnati waste bin
Levaware provides instant, actionable insights through email or text notification.

Levaware Waste is just one of our smart solutions. It helps cities and large facilities such as stadiums, university campuses, and shopping centers streamline their garbage collection, optimizing routes, and cutting down on unneeded pickups in less-central locations while simultaneously observing for anomalous events. 

Our sensor tracks the levels of garbage or waste in a given container. The device is easily installed to the underside of the top of any waste bin, such as the Cincinnati bin shown in the above video. The Levaware device is built to withstand the outdoors: it’s very robust, built to IP65 standards, and can withstand a wide range of temperatures. 

Once installed, the device immediately starts measuring the distance between the sensor and the trash below, in addition to a variety of metrics including temperature data and battery health. Once the waste container reaches a predetermined fill level set by the user, email and text notifications will be sent, to let them know to service the bin. 

All the information collected by the sensor is sent securely via cell signal to the Citysage dashboard, which can be viewed from any internet-connected device.

Bin locations are displayed on a map in your Citysage Dashboard, alongside actionable data and insights.
You can easily view bin locations and data using the Citysage dashboard.

On the platform, you’ll be able to see all of your bin locations on a map; these can be color-coordinated to show which are in need of servicing. Clicking into each location, you’ll be able view all the collected data on a container-specific dashboard. For multi-stream bins, you’ll also have a dashboard showing data for all the containers in one bin. 

In addition to just showing data, at Citysage, we use machine learning to make this platform truly actionable. We can note faster-than-usual rising waste levels, to let city workers know when a bin might be full soon, so it can be emptied before it overflows. We can also help with route planning: our software can analyze the full bin locations and suggest the most efficient pick-up route. 

Citysage has a wide range of smart solutions that are available to help governments and companies manage public spaces and large facilities. From waste, to water, to noise, we can measure a wide range of types of data—and use machine learning to provide actionable insights in these areas to help you keep spaces safe and inclusive for residents and visitors. Check out the Citysage website for more information on our platform and products.