Skyscrapers reflect the images of a forest of trees

Urban Sustainability

Sustainability seeks to bring resource consumption and resource replenishment into balance, like a budget that keeps balance sheets in the black. We look at strategies that cities are using to help create a more sustainable, livable future.

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A brown cast iron trench grate sits beside a curb under a lump of snow

Trench Drains

Trench drain seems simple: it’s a grate on a hardscape surface with a gutter beneath to capture water runoff. Yet there’s a lot to consider, including flow, debris, aesthetics, and load. Check out our post on choosing and installing the right trench for water management.

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Detectable warning plate with patina

Stages of Rust

When oxidation occurs, the metal’s surface forms a scale that darkens to a patina. The alloy in question will determine if the corrosion is invasive or not. In cast iron, rust—a ferrous oxide—can form a thin, protective layer against pitting.

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