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Calgary’s Central Memorial Park Renovation

Reliance Foundry bollard custom-mounted with swing gate at Central Memorial Park

Reliance Foundry bollards figure largely in the recent renovation of Calgary’s Central Memorial Park

Model R-7539 bollards at Central Memorial Park

At the western end of Calgary’s Central Memorial Park, a lone horseman keeps watch. The immovable R.L. Boyle, honored veteran of the Boer War, and his steed stand atop their pedestal as a memorial to all Albertans who have served or given their lives in the name of freedom.

Established in 1889, Calgary’s oldest colonial park has long represented the sacrifice of Canada’s servicemen and women. Each year it plays host to annual Remembrance Day ceremonies, and provides a place for people to gather in celebration of the freedoms we all enjoy. But after so many years of faithful service, Calgary Central Memorial Park was in need of an overhaul. Some serious TLC was in order if Calgary Central Memorial Park were to remain a place Albertans were proud to gather and call their own.

Fortunately, an $11.5 million restoration project promised to breathe new life into this very public tribute to the country’s Armed Forces. One very important part of the project would involve improving the way in which pedestrian and vehicle traffic was managed. Better solutions were needed to keep both people and vehicles in their proper place, and to protect pedestrians and property from potentially dangerous mishaps. To help solve the problem, designers and contractors selected sturdy and decorative model R-7539 iron bollards from Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd.

Reliance Foundry bollard custom-mounted with swing gate at Central Memorial Park

Reliance’s architectural iron bollards are manufactured from ductile iron. Also referred to as spheroidal graphite cast iron, it provides a stronger and less-brittle alternative to standard cast iron. It is tough enough to take a beating and withstand the onslaught of the elements. This makes it an ideal solution for outdoor use in high-traffic areas where there is the possibility of the occasional wayward car leaving the roadway.

In keeping with the park’s military character, customized gun-metal grey (Slate Grey RAL 7015) bollards were installed along pedestrian walkways, lining roadways, and in other locations where better traffic management was required. In some areas, strong, decorative chains were used to link bollards and provide an additional layer of protection. One example of this can be seen near the garage entrance of the Parks Foundation building. There, chain-linked bollards were installed to prevent pedestrians from accidentally walking in front of vehicles exiting the garage.

At one point in the park, greater-than-average vehicle access was required. To meet this need, Reliance Foundry crafted a customized swing gate. In another area where only occasional vehicle access was required, removable bollards were installed with a specialized, removable mounting kit. When authorized vehicles require entry, these bollards can be easily removed to provide access.

Bollards are commonly-used to direct the flow of people and vehicles within an area, address specific safety needs, or prevent unwanted access. Reliance Foundry offers bollards in a wide variety of styles and colors, so that these needs can be met without detracting from the visual appeal of a site. In many cases, stylish bollards and bollard accessories can even add to the aesthetic appeal of a location.

Bollards on sidewalk at Calgary’s Central Memorial Park

Reliance Foundry was proud to play a part in the preservation and enhancement of a site which honors past and present members of Canada’s armed forces. It is hoped that these changes will help to maintain the park’s reputation as a place where people like to gather to relax and reflect. Reliance Foundry’s high-quality bollards will help to ensure the safety of both the park and its visitors for many years to come.

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